Download the Healthy You App

You may already use apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, or Garmin, for example. HealthyYou connects with your existing apps and provides a fun, motivational way to track the progress of your health and fitness goals. You are rewarded for your healthy lifestyle – you can earn gift cards to your favorite stores! 

Set Up is Easy!

  1. Join

    Use the links below to download the HealthyYou app and create an account. Enter your info, and sync with your existing fitness device or app. (You may need your fitness device or app login information for this step.)

  2. Earn

    Get points for setting and reaching goals, completing challenges, and taking part in activities (polls, quizzes, reading articles, etc.).

  3. Shop

Redeem points for gift cards and shop for your favorite stuff!

No Risk, All Reward!

There is no cost to participate, and no impact on your policy or account. Have questions? Download our FAQ now to see answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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