4 Reasons Your Teen Might Qualify for Safe Driver Discounts

Has your teen mastered the rules of the road? Teenagers often have the reputation for being impulsive, and not cautious behind the wheel. While it often takes practice to develop good driving behaviors, plenty of teenagers are very adept behind the wheel already. Discounts for teenage drivers are available to those who put in the work to improve their driving skills.

How Your Teenage Driver Can Score Discounts

Your Teen Is a Good Student

Insurance companies use a lot of different factors to determine their rates. Because teens rarely have driving history, it’s tough for an insurance provider to gauge how responsible they will be behind the wheel. So, insurance companies often use the next best thing to determine discounts for teenage drivers: their grades. If your student regularly studies, turns in homework on time, and is generally a conscientious student, insurance companies assume those habits will translate to safe driving abilities. In other words, if your teen is a great student, their studious nature could mean savings on auto insurance premiums.

Your Teen Uses Technology Correctly

Your teen likely has a smartphone. For some teens, constant notifications from their phone can cause an endless stream of distractions. But teens who take care to avoid distractions behind the wheel may be in line for safe driving discounts. How? Avoiding distractions improves your ability to concentrate on safer behaviors behind the wheel. When you build up a safe driving history from a young age, your premiums will reflect it. So, encourage your teen to keep their eyes on the road with the help of these apps, and they can earn discounts for safe driving.

Your Teen Uses Driveology®

With Driveology, you can earn discounts for teenage drivers based on good driving behavior. So, if your teen avoids erratic driving behaviors (quick accelerations, hard braking and other risky behaviors), they could earn a discount by plugging a device into their car. As a bonus, the device comes with safety features built-in, and will remind your teen (and you) to regularly maintain the health of the vehicle. So, not only are you improving driving behaviors with discount incentives, you are monitoring things like your battery life, cooling systems and oil use — and training your teen to maintain their vehicle in the process.

Your Teen Participated in the Young Driver Safety Program

Learning to be a safe driver takes practice. Sometimes basic driver’s education classes aren’t enough to build confidence and practical habits behind the wheel. That’s where our Young Driver Safety program comes in: It provides additional information and supervised driving practice. When the program is completed, your teen can earn a discount. It’s that easy.

Promoting safe driving behaviors benefits every driver on the road. When your teen can demonstrate safe driving behaviors, they could be in line for rewards on their insurance premiums — and everyone wins. Talk to your Farm Bureau agent to understand all the ways you and your teen can save on auto insurance.