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Apr 26, 2017 1 min read
Driveology Infographic_3

You know you’re a safe driver—shouldn’t you get rewarded for it? You can with Driveology: The Science of Safe Driving! The program gathers data about your driving to help you earn discounts on your insurance premiums. As an added bonus, Driveology gives you access to all kinds of information about your vehicle and driving, like…

  • Trips: This includes average speed and travel times. Have a teen driver in the household?This is a great way to kick-start (or continue) the discussion about the importance of safety behind the wheel.
  • Vehicle Health: monitor your battery and cooling systems; regular maintenance can save you a bundle, and Driveology is a great way to keep track of your vehicle’s overall health.1
  • Alerts: Driveology gives you the option to set alerts for events like sudden acceleration or harsh braking.
  • Environmental Impact: Track fuel consumption and your carbon footprint to help you make greener choices.1
  • Your Score: Driveology gives you a quick and easy point of reference: your score. Your safe driving behaviors add up, and you can also see where you can improve.

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1Not all vehicles that are eligible for Driveology will be able to report environmental or vehicle health data.

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