Hiring Services Make the Process Easier

Managing resumes, scheduling and conducting interviews, and navigating the on-boarding process can be daunting. Sick of handling it alone? A hiring service could be the answer.

Attract high-quality candidates, simplify the often-grueling hiring process, and get the best candidate in the door quickly. We break down offerings from top hiring and HR services to help you find the best way to staff your company.

The problem: Sourcing quality candidates

Post a job listing on Craigslist or Indeed, and you may get lots of applications, but how many are quality applicants actually suited for the position? Instead of weeding through resumes that won’t fit your search, let a company like ZipRecruiter find you the best candidates for your position.

When you post on ZipRecruiter, the opening is posted to more than 100 job boards and sites, then qualified candidates are notified to apply. You can then screen and rate all your candidates in one place. The company reports 80 percent of employers get a quality candidate within the first day.

The web-based hiring service also streamlines the process for candidates, with access to millions of jobs, one-click applications and updates along the way. And an easier process means more candidates.

SmartRecruiters is another talent acquisition tool that allows you to create recruitment campaigns and build career pages. You can nurture candidates along the hiring process (providing updates throughout) and send branded communications. You can also use SmartRecruiters to run background screens and reference checks.

The hiring service integrates with LinkedIn, CareerBuilder and other employment sites, and helps drive resume submissions with one-click and mobile applications.

The problem: Keeping track of interviews and candidates

Managing candidates — especially if you’re hiring for multiple positions — can be tricky. With a tall stack of resumes and emails out to countless job seekers, losing track of potential hires is all too easy.

Instead of spreading your time across job posting sites and scouring your inbox daily, Hireology allows you to manage all your hiring in one cloud-based system. The robust HR system includes applicant sourcing, automated new employee onboarding, payroll, time tracking, benefits management and reporting.

During the hiring process, get reports on how well you’re shuffling candidates through the system (a wakeup call if you’re not getting to most of your applicants and leaving resumes unread) and stay in contact through Hireology. No more missing an interview you forgot to mark on your calendar or losing out on a potential hire because you moved too slowly.

Ask these questions during your next interview.

The problem: Managing employee on-boarding

If you own a small business, you’re likely a jack of many trades. HR is just one more role on your ever-growing to do list. If you struggle to remember what documents your new hires need to complete, there’s help! Stop reinventing the wheel with each employee that comes on board.

GoCo, a full-service HR company, includes hiring and on-boarding, document management, time off, benefits and payroll services. Store all your documents, forms and other on-boarding assets in one place. GoCo guides you through employee and contractor hiring with creating offer letters; collecting federal and state tax withholdings, form I-9s and supporting documents, and employee agreements and forms; and creating custom onboarding tasks, assignments and checklists.

And after all, a smoother on-boarding process means a happier new employee.