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I'm Hosting an Event at My Home. Do I Need Special Event Insurance?

So, you’ve sent out the invitations, ordered the food, cleaned your home and secured tables and chairs — you’re ready for your event … right? Not so fast!

By hosting an event at your home, you may be taking on risks you may not have given much thought to. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t host that wedding, bridal shower or backyard barbeque, but you may want to consider some extra protection in addition to your personal home or farm/ranch liability coverage.

An extra layer of protection

An umbrella policy picks up where other liability coverages, like auto and homeowners limits, leave off. Think of it as an extra layer of protection.

Without umbrella coverage, if a guest were to trip on a crack in your driveway and injure himself or herself, you could be left responsible for their medical bills. Or if a guest were to become ill from food served at your event, you may be responsible for costs incurred due to the illness.

For example, if your homeowners policy has a maximum liability limit of $350,000 but your guest wins a $500,000 judgment, you would be responsible for paying the $150,000 difference.

Host your next event with peace of mind

Hosting an event is fun and sometimes even rewarding, especially when you know you’re covered for the unexpected. But before you host an event, connect with your local Farm Bureau agent to discuss your coverage needs. For events where you have special circumstances, such as collecting fees or payments, having a specialized attraction or borrowing equipment you may need coverage that goes beyond your homeowners or farm/ranch and umbrella policies.