What to Look for in a New Vet

Aug 24, 2018 1 min read

Just about every farmer or rancher knows that livestock health is critical to their success. When your livestock is healthy, your job is easier. It’s also important to have a large animal emergency vet on speed dial to help maintain the health of your livestock. Find out how you can properly seek out veterinary care for your livestock.

Choosing a Large Animal Vet: 7 Considerations

  1. What animals do they focus in? Most large animal vets have an animal specialty, from beef cattle and dairy cows to equine and hogs. Finding veterinary care that focuses in your livestock can be beneficial.
  2. Will they come to you? When one or more of your livestock is down, it’s important that an emergency veterinarian can visit the farm to diagnose and treat. This will save you time and can prevent the spread of disease. And, because not every health issue happens between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., it’s beneficial to find a vet that will be on-call after hours.
  3. Can they deal with reproductive health? Though many farmers can assist their livestock with birth, if a calf is coming breach, it can be helpful and reassuring the have a vet on hand to assist with the birth and after care.
  4. Are they trained to perform surgery on large animals? Licensed vets are trained in routine procedures and surgeries. Are you dealing with something more specific? Ask about surgical limitations before undergoing any procedures.
  5. Will the vet be able to assist in the event of an ongoing problem? If one of your animals develops an ongoing issue, will the vet be able to develop a long-term treatment plan?
  6. How do they prevent disease? Each farmer or rancher has their own philosophy on medication, so it is helpful to find a vet that understands your approach to herd health.
  7. Are they licensed and certified in large animal medicine? Though many technicians are very knowledgeable, having a licensed and experienced veterinarian can be invaluable.

Your vet is a vital part of your livestock care team. Choosing the right large animal veterinarian is crucial to the success of your operation. Grow your success with the right professional. And protect your farm or ranch with Smarter Insurance for Ag™. Your local Farm Bureau agent can work with you to help ensure you have the best coverage for your operation.

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