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Caring for People and Communities through Charitable Giving

At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we take pride in giving back by providing support through sponsorships and donations that help make communities a better place for all who live there.

Our Giving Priorities:

  • Families and their Communities – We contribute to local programs and initiatives aimed at helping residents grow and prosper.
  • Youth and Education – In an effort to create opportunities to develop individuals with great character, a strong work ethic and exceptional leadership skills, we embrace organizations that prepare the next generation of innovators.
  • Health and Wellness – We give back to organizations that protect and prepare our communities for an enduring future.  

Eligibility: Applicants must represent a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that has received 501(c)(3) status from the IRS.


Farm Bureau Financial Services does not accept sponsorship applications for the following:

  • Organizations, project or programs outside of our 15-state marketing territory.
  • Political parties, campaigns, candidates or partisan organizations
  • Sectarian or denominational religious groups
  • Dues or memberships
  • Incomplete applications


  • Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis by the Charitable Contributions Committee. The deadline dates for requests are May 16, August 23, and November 25, 2019. All applicants will be notified by the Iowa Farm Bureau’s Community Resource Office in writing, please allow six weeks from deadline date.

Submission of application and supporting documentation:

All applications must include the following for consideration:

  • Completed application form.
  • Event budget and/or current financial statement that lists major revenue categories and major expense categories. If current figures are not available, a projection can be substituted.

  • A current copy of the requesting organization’s W-9 form.
  • List of the organization’s board with officers indicated.


  • It is preferred to disperse funds via ACH payment.
  • Event brochure or invitation, flyers or other marketing materials.

Please email completed application and supporting materials to rvondrak@ifbf.org. For questions, contact Ronnette Vondrak, manager Community Resources, at 1-515-225-5460.

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