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Farm and ranch liability coverage

Farm or Ranch Liability Coverage

Farm or ranch liability coverage provides protects your assets in case of a lawsuit. Liability claims can be costly and damaging to your ag operation. Claims can be unpredictable, and you need a plan to cover these claims. From family farms to commercial ag, we have the coverage to fit your operation. Your Farm Bureau agent and Ag Underwriter will look at your operation and help you choose the best coverage options.

What Farm or Ranch Liability Insurance Covers

Our customizable coverage can protect you from bodily injury claims or accidental property damage claims that occur as a result of your farm or ranch operation.

How Much Liability Coverage Do You Need?

Each farm or ranch is different and has different risks. Your Farm Bureau agent and Ag Underwriter will look at several factors, including whether you welcome the public to your farm, whether you employ help on your farm or ranch, and how you handle waste. Some of our popular coverage options include: 

Agritainment Operations

When your farm invites the public to experience the country life, you need a policy that is tailored to the unique risks that agritainment and agritourism operations represent. We can help by providing liability coverage for activities such as hay rides, hunting, and you-pick operations for example.

Animal Waste Liability

Protect your operation from a loss due to an animal waste pollution event, such as a tank or containment dike rupturing, application of animal waste onto your land as fertilizer, or explosion.

Equine Operations

If you board, breed or train horses, or give riding lessons on your property, you have potential for greater risk. This coverage is designed to provide enhancements like horse liability insurance, as well as care, custody or control legal liability for horses owned by someone else.

Employer Liability

If you employ people on your farm or ranch, employer liability insurance can help protect against potential charges (such as bodily injury made by accident) made by full-time or part-time, temporary and seasonal employees.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation insurance provides coverage for your farm or ranch employees who are injured on the job. This coverage helps to limit your financial responsibility for the medical expenses that can be incurred due to an employee’s injury. It also helps ensure you’ll be able to continue operations if an employee is injured.

Umbrella Coverage

An umbrella policy provides liability protection coverage over and above the limits on your farm or ranch liability policy for lawsuits and liability judgements. Umbrella coverage can play an important role in your farm or ranch liability insurance strategy.

Ask your Farm Bureau agent or Ag Underwriter about optional coverages and business liability considerations. If you grow it, we can help you cover it. We can customize coverage specific to your small, mid- or large ag operation.

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