Variable Life Insurance and Annuity Fund Reports and Prospectuses

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The Library below provides you with the most current prospectuses and reports for funds available under Farm Bureau’s variable products. You can view, download and print these documents from your browser. 

Variable Product Documents


The Updating Summary Prospectus (USP) is specifically designed to be used with existing variable product owners. The USP focuses on new and updated information and it reminds an owner of the key features and the underlying investment options available. The USP contains the following information: updated information in the statutory prospectus, important information you should consider and an appendix detailing what portfolio companies (investment options) are available.

The Product Prospectus is the comprehensive document that includes an overview of the variable product you purchased and information about the risks, fees and expenses, as well as the benefits and limitations such as purchases, withdrawals and surrenders. If you have additional questions about your variable product after reviewing the Updating Summary Prospectus, this document contains additional disclosure that can be helpful.

The Annual Notice is the document distributed for certain discontinued products that are no longer offering or updating a Product Prospectus.

Underlying Fund Documents