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What Our Clients/Members are Saying

Farm Bureau has been very good to my entire family since the year 1960. Their agents are friendly and very helpful. The company pays claims rapidly with proper documentation. I highly recommend them.
- Darlene A.
Every inquiries I place are dealt in a timely manner. Its always convenient to reach my agent or other colleagues. I’m treated more than a number.
- Joshua M.
I believe Farm Bureau gives us excellent coverage for home and auto they listen to their clients and they try to keep premiums affordable and surveys like this let's us know they want to know what we are expecting out of a insurance company.
- Jake R.
Seems like no matter Big or Small our questions are, our Farm Bureau Agents are there to answer anything that comes up! Always So Welcoming!
- Customer since 2018
I like actually talking to a real person when I call in for info or questions. We appreciate how personable and friendly everyone is.
- Doug W.

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