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Business Coverage

You’ve worked hard to build your business — investing time, money and effort — shaping it into the operation it is today. And, as a business owner, you play an important role in your community, providing products and services people depend on, and employ good people. You need to protect your business, and you can count on BusinessMax® coverage to help you do just that.

BusinessMax is designed to help build a wall of protection around your business, guarding you against losses due to property damage or liability claims. Your agent will spend time getting to know you and your specific operation so he or she can help customize your coverage. Together, we can tailor plans for commercial businesseslarge-scale ag-related operations, and home-based businesses.

Protection for Employees, Too

Your employees are your competitive edge, and are crucial to driving your business forward. They deserve a level of protection so they can be confident in working for you. Your Farm Bureau agent can help you protect them with employee benefits and workers compensation coverage for your business.


Your business is our business. Our agents will sit down with you to discuss business insurance coverage options. We can tailor a plan as unique as your business. 

It's your future. Let's protect it.®

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