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Health Coverage

Health Coverage

Health insurance can be complicated. Finding the right coverage shouldn't be. Whether you are searching for a policy for yourself, your family, or your business, we are here to help. Our agents know health insurance. We can make getting quality coverage easy to understand and easy to buy.

Farm Bureau Knows Health Insurance

The open enrollment period for 2022 individual Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans is November 1, 2021 January 15, 2022. Your Farm Bureau agent can help you understand your options and make the right choice for you and your family. For a purchase of such importance, isn’t it best to work with a neighbor who cares about their community and wants to help you get the right coverage? With different options to choose from, we can help you determine the health insurance coverage that best fits your needs and budget. 

If you live in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska or South Dakota, ask your agent about additional health coverage options, which may be available to you.

Individual Health Insurance

You can choose plans based on your specific needs.  ACA plans all cover the same set of essential health benefits but vary in their cost-sharing elements – deductible, copay and coinsurance. Your monthly premium will be based on several factors, including:

    • Your age
    • Whether you use tobacco
    • Where you live
    • Who's enrolled in the plan (spouse or child)
    • Provider network
    • Benefit plan you choose

Group Health Insurance

Whether your business is small or large, we can help you offer health insurance to your employees. Your local agent can help explain the group health insurance plans available in your state and customize a plan right for you.

Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D plans

If you’re over age 65 and have Medicare, we offer plans to help fill the gaps in what Medicare does not pay, including Medicare Prescription Drug (Part D) plans.

We're With You Every Step of the Way

Whether you need health insurance for you, your family or your business, we can share cost-effective options, and help you make an informed decision.

It’s your future. Let’s protect it.®

Health insurance policies vary by carrier and individual and may not be offered through all agents or available in all states. Health insurance is underwritten by a variety of insurance companies not affiliated with our companies.

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