Nelson Abbott

887 E 100 N, Ste 2A
Payson, UT 84651-1686

Meet Nelson

Farm Bureau Agent for 25 years

Hi, I'm Nelson Abbott, a Farm Bureau Financial Services agent in Payson, UT since 1997. I'm here to make insurance simple for you. I'm committed to helping you prepare for the future and protect what matters most. Let me help you through all stages of your life.

For your insurance needs, call (801) 465-4803.

Let's work together to make sure you have the coverage you need and are prepared for what lies ahead. 

More about Nelson

What Clients are Saying

Easy access. Friendly helpful
- Nick Hamby, customer since 2007
Easy to get a hold of with any questions. Very helpful with anything I need to know about my policty.
- Ronald Bray, customer since 2007
Every time I have a problem the response has been immediate and courteous.
- Miriam Skeen, customer since 2015
Local is always better We get the best rate from FB. Nelson is always quick to respond.
- Amanda Griffiths, customer since 2020
Nelson takes care of all of our needs. He is so efficient and the price is great.
- Richard Kay, customer since 2010
Communication & service was awesome!
- Cody Hopkins, customer since 2022
So helpful and easy to work with.
- Michelle Stubblefield, customer since 2019
He is always available to answer my questions and help me out.
- Julie Williams, customer since 2016
I have been very pleased with the insurance that Farm Bureau has provide. And Nelson has been fantastic to work with. He is always easy to get in contact with and provides excellent service.
- Customer since 2011
You provide easy, no hassle service including coverage adjustments and benefits payments. Thank you.
- Customer since 2003
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Nelson Abbott
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