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Long-Term Care Insurance 

It may sound obvious, but the longer we live, the more likely it is that we will need longer term care at some point in our lives. It makes sense to plan for long term care expenses, and fund while you are able.

What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care coverage pays for assistance with the day-to-day tasks when you are no longer able to do them yourself. When daily tasks like eating, bathing, toileting, getting dressed and more become too much and you require assistance, long-term care insurance helps to cover the expense of assistance. Assistance may be in the form of home health assistance, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing, and/or hospice facilities.

Who Benefits from Long-Term Care Coverage?

Research suggests that if you celebrate your 65th birthday, you are more likely to need long term care at some point in your life. When you plan ahead, you can ensure you receive the help you need quickly, without fear of draining your nest egg or dipping into inheritance. Your family can support you without having to worry about how to finance your care.

Why Plan for Long-Term Care

Long-term care insurance must be purchased before you need it. The younger you are, the lower your premium will be, and you can decrease the chance of becoming uninsurable later. If you wait and medical issues arise, you may need to liquidate your personal assets to cover your care needs, or rely on government programs.

We're with you for life. Your agent can help ensure your long-term care insurance complements your other insurance coverage and can help you plan for every stage of life. Contact your agent to learn more, or to check for gaps in coverage.

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Long-Term Care & Disability Income insurance policies are underwritten by a variety of insurance companies that are not affiliated with our companies. See your Farm Bureau agent for more information about these products.

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