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Landscaping Trends to Consider

Spring is just around the corner, and we’ve all got sunny days and gardening on our minds. Before you break out those gardening gloves, get inspired by some of our favorite 2018 landscaping trends! Read on to find out what you’ll see sprouting up everywhere this spring.

Plant an Edible Landscape

With sustainability becoming a household trend, more families are turning to their own gardens for fresh products. In fact, backyard gardening has become so popular that these plants have finally broken into the decorative gardening space — especially for people with small yards or garden beds. However, introducing edibles in with your other landscape is not a low-maintenance option and will require some serious TLC!

You’ll find that many vegetables and herbs are aesthetically pleasing, full of color and delicious!  

Restore a Habitat in Your Yard

Did you know that habitat loss is impacting a variety of animals? Bees, butterflies, birds, frogs and turtles are all in decline. This is due to our ever-expanding cities and sprawling suburbs. While you create your beautiful landscape, you could consider making a few adjustments, such as growing seed-producing and berry producing plants and restrict your use of insecticides, to help better support your local wildlife.

Bring the Indoors Outside

Create a permanent living space outdoors with comfortable fabrics and furniture. You’ll find that outdoor dining spaces are on the rise, too. Create the ultimate outdoor dining destination by surrounding the space with in-ground and container plants and include entertainment spaces, such as a fire pit.

Surround Yourself with Plants

Don’t limit yourself to the typical fiscus plant. Get creative! Look for plants that can be used as home accessories and easily added to the overall design of your furniture. Plants and greenery should no longer be limited to the outdoors — surround yourself!

For an indoor option, tabletop grow kits and home hydroponic systems can help you produce small crops like microgreens and herbs — even in the dead of winter!

A Bedhead Garden

Looking for low-maintenance? Low on time? Look no further, consider a bedhead garden — an informal planting method that relies on easy-care and native plants that will look great without all the extra time and effort.

Ornamental Grasses: Who can resist running their hands through Mexican feather grass? It’s nearly irresistible. Ornamental grasses are ideal for landscaping and mix well with other perennials.

Wildflowers: Consider choosing some native varieties of wildflowers that are adapted to your climate, and you’ll barely have to lift a finger. By choosing plants intended for your region’s climate and weather conditions, you’ll have a hardy and low-maintenance landscape.

Add a Water Feature

Landscape water features have long been popular, but in 2018 you’ll see a shift toward highlighting water features as a landscape focal point, not an afterthought. Bubbling creeks and splashing fountains can do great things for your backyard! You’ll find that they add a luxurious look, block-out undesired noise and help create a tranquil ambiance. Not to mention, water features can provide refuge for birds and other native aquatic life.

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