5 Family Apps to Help You Coordinate Your Kids' Schedules and Chores

Dec 4, 2018 2 min read

Date: 12/4/18

As a parent your family calendar fills up quickly with your kids’ after school sports practices, music rehearsals, parent-teacher conferences and more. With all their activities, plus your own, scheduling can quickly become overwhelming. Help may be just an app download away. Here are five apps to help you organize and set reminders for each appointment, practice and rehearsal your kids throw your way.

Get organized with these Android and iOS family calendar apps


Do you like seeing everyone’s schedule on a color-coded calendar? Cozi is an electronic family calendar app that can be accessed from your phone, tablet or computer. With Cozi you have the ability to keep multiple calendars in one place. You can color-code by family member. Other benefits of Cozi:

  • Create to-do or grocery lists
  • Keep menu plans
  • Set reminders and recurring events
  • Share to-do lists with other family members
  • Print family calendars in multiple layouts
  • Maintain a family journal


Looking for ways to motivate your kids to help around the house? It may feel like you’re pulling teeth to get your kids to do the dishes, make their bed or feed the dog but with OurHome, parents can assign points to a task. Once completed, children earn points for prizes. Adults set the point amounts and prizes – movie night, extra computer time, etc. This app also features a calendar system to keep everyone’s schedules coordinated.


Feel like you need an assistant to keep up with your kids’ activities, school projects, grocery shopping and more? FamilyWall may be the assistant your family needs to stay organized and communicate effectively. The family calendar feature makes it simple to share schedules in one place and syncs with your phone or favorite calendar. Within this app, you can also share images/memories privately among your family members. If your kids go to practices or school on their own, FamilyWall offers real-time location and safe zone alerts, so you can easily locate your kids and receive alerts when they arrive at different locations – school, home, etc. The shared to-do list feature, will keep everyone updated on what needs done (and avoid duplication). You’ll never wide up with two loaves of bread again!

Google Calendar

Want to keep it simple? Google Calendar offers you the ability to use color-coding to view multiple calendars at the same time. You can email your events to others and request RSVPs. You can set reminders to your mobile device, so you don’t miss your appointments, events, etc.


If you're looking for another option to keep things organized, the Hub may fit the bill. This app can help keep everything from shared family calendars, lists, tasks, notes and more.

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