5 Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Flowers

Feb 6, 2018 2 min read

During this romantic holiday, there are lots of places selling flowers, from the grocery store to your local florist, but not all blooms are created equal. This Valentine’s Day, you can show love for your local farmers by buying blooms from a local grower. Here are five reasons to buy locally grown flowers:

  1. The flowers will be seasonal

    When you buy from a local grower, you’ll experience varieties of flowers you cannot find elsewhere. You’ll get a sense of what is growing in your locale and when. In spring, we wait for the first bulbs to bloom; in summer we enjoy the sunflowers and zinnia; and in fall, the dahlias. Plus, when you buy an arrangement grown locally and full of in-season blooms, they’ll likely look and smell fresher much longer than ones you could order online.

  2. They’ll be fresh

    Not all fresh flowers are all that fresh. Imported flowers can be cut a week or more before they arrive in your hands. During this time, quality and vase life decline. By buying from your local flower grower, your flowers can be cut in the morning and displayed on your dining room table that evening.

  3. You’ll help the local bee, insect, and wildlife habitat

    A healthy garden contains a diversity of plants that become habitat for bees, insects and birds. All of these creatures help contribute to keeping gardens and soil sustainable and healthy for many seasons to come.

  4. You’ll support a local business  

    By purchasing from a local grower, you’ll help them remain in business and support your local economy. When you buy local farm products, you’re helping to support this vital industry.

  5. You’ll connect with farmers and their flowers

    When you buy from a local grower, you have the opportunity to connect with the farmer and choose your own bouquet when you visit their farm. For birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, sympathy and everyday cheer, you’ll be happy to have built a relationship with a farmer in your community.

There are now more small, local U.S. flower farms than ever before and with so many reasons to buy local, why not give it a try? At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we’re proud of our agricultural roots and proud to serve farmers, ranchers and small-business owners across the country. Have other insurance needs? Talk to your local Farm Bureau agent today. He or she can help you find customizable insurance coverage that can help you protect the things that matter most.

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