6 Farm Apps to Help You Manage Day-to-Day Operations

May 15, 2020 2 min read

Being a successful farmer takes plenty of hands-on experience and a healthy dose of intuition. As an added advantage, apps can provide an additional boost right at your fingertips. As precision technology scales in the agricultural industry, more farm apps and digital tools are becoming available, enabling farm operations to achieve new levels of efficiency. Here are six apps that help farmers manage their operations.

  1. The On-the-Go Troubleshooter: AgriSync

    When it comes to crops and livestock, minutes matter. That’s why, when equipment breaks down or a problem arises, farmers need to be able to troubleshoot on the fly. AgriSync connects farmers with expert advisors and support staff via video chat, which helps the farmer resolve the issue quickly and cost-effectively. Plus, farmers can use the AgriSync app for free.

  2. The Small-farm Recordkeeper: BeetClock

    Designed by a small-scale vegetable farmer to help manage time and labor, BeetClock helps you determine the profitability of your crops. With just a few clicks, your farm crew can send accurate records directly from the field. Use that data to monitor work — from seeding to sale — to know which harvests were truly worth the investment.

  3. The Data Tracker: Farm Logs

    ​Farmers have an immense amount of information to sort through in order to keep their operations running at peak efficiency. Farm Logs is an app that helps farmers store that information in order to calculate costs, manage day-to-day operations, observe conditions and enhance profitability. The free version offers the essentials; the complete version includes upgrades related to marketing, reporting and more.

  4. The Weather Watcher: Meteobot

    You don’t need weather forecasts for your town or your county — you need it for your fields. The Meteobot app, which interfaces with Meteobot weather stations (that you or others nearby own), gives you precise agronomic indicators for precise locations. You can even set specific field boundaries to monitor soil temperature, leaf wetness, cumulative rainfall from date of sowing and more for specific crops. Data can be refreshed as often as every 10 minutes and is stored in the cloud for later analysis.

  5. The Bird’s-eye Viewer: TerrAvion Mobile

    TerrAvion’s aerial imagery comprises the largest volume subscription database for the ag industry — their flights cover some 22 billion acres and counting. The mobile app helps farmers combine access to this imagery with opportunities for field scouting and record keeping, allowing growers to make extremely accurate and reliable decisions to keep margins tight and profits high. Thanks to new farming technology, you’ll have access to your field maps in your pocket. 

  6. The Crop Analyzer: Yara CheckIT

    As a grower, you don’t have time to waste when a crop starts to take a turn for the worse. Luckily, Yara CheckIT offers an on-the-go solution for identifying potential nutrient deficiencies. Use this app in the field to access an extensive photographic database to identify symptoms and related deficiencies, and to learn which fertilizers or products can be used to get your crops healthy again. And for those times when you can’t do anything, like when a natural disaster hits, consider crop insurance

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