7 Businesses that Need Extra Special Insurance

Sep 13, 2017 2 min read

Running a business can be one of life’s most rewarding challenges. You’ve worked hard to build your business – investing time, money, and effort – shaping it into the thriving operation it is today. You may be a one-person shop, or employ a staff of people. You’re likely familiar with business insurance, but did you know some businesses benefit from special types of coverage? We’ve compiled a list of seven types of businesses that may have special insurance considerations.

  1. Florist or Greenhouse

    In addition to clever cards and an assortment of vases, florists generally have a cooler that keeps fresh flowers at an optimal temperature. Likewise, greenhouses can control the climate in their growing environment. If your business relies on refrigeration or has specific water needs, consider Equipment Breakdown coverage, offered as a provision with property coverage. Businesses can also insure against the risks associated with welcoming the public through your doors with liability coverage. (Both Property and Liability coverage are available with Farm Bureau BusinessMax coverage for your Commercial Business.)

  2. Contractors

    If you work in building or construction, you want to protect against the risks of installing, repairing, building, maintaining and replacing various structures, appliances, and systems. In addition, you may have a showroom, office or shop where you run your business. Contractor coverage covers both the tools and equipment of the trade, as well as the materials, supplies, fixtures and temporary structures. If employees use their own tools to perform work for your business, we have a coverage for that too!

  3. Home-based Businesses

    When your business and your home share an address, you need to protect them both – together, and separately. Your standard homeowner’s policy will protect you if your home is damaged, but it won’t cover everything related to your business. Home-based business insurance can help you close those gaps.

  4. Retail Stores

    BitSight estimates that over 37 percent of businesses are at risk for a data breach. Whether a large shopping center or a specialized boutique, retail locations have common concerns, including data breaches, customer falls, theft and fire – the list of things that could go wrong is enough to keep business owners awake at night. You can rest assured that your business is covered if something happens in your store or online with customized Business Liability coverage.

  5. Service Provider

    If you are in the business of providing service to your customers, whether plumbing, handyman repairs, electrical or cleaning, you have unique coverage needs. Coverage needs may include theft, non-owned auto coverage, and many more. You know your business and your employees best – Business Vehicle and Business Liability policies cover the areas where you need it most.

  6. Habitational

    As an apartment building or complex owner, your business could benefit from coverage to protect your building against fire, equipment breakdown and boiler coverage, plus weather-related risks with Property Coverage. In addition, you may also benefit from Liability Coverage to protect against the cost of injuries that occur due to actions of tenants or others on the property.

  7. Main Street or Small Business Protection

    Despite your best efforts to provide a safe and productive work environment, employers could be at risk for employment claims. Employment claims could range from sexual harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination, and could derail everything you have worked hard for. Employment Practices Liability Insurance (a part of Workers Compensation coverage) is designed to protect business owners from the risk of employing others.


As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate already. Whether you have a store front, a home office, or farm or ranch, protect your livelihood with the right insurance. Schedule a SuperCheck with your Farm Bureau agent to ensure you have the right amount of coverage for your business.

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