Nothing says summer like the fair.  Whether it is state or county, a two-week blowout or a weekend affair, millions across the country will be attending some celebration or another.  Every fair is unique—some more so than others!  Here are a few notable contests from around the country.

Iowa State Fair

The Iowa State Fair has many attractions, but one of the stranger ones is the beard-growing contest. Participants can win in such categories as Longest Beard, Most Unique Beard Design, and Most Historic Nature.

Colorado State Fair

Contests abound, but the Pet Rock Olympics is truly unique.  Kids enter their prized pets in either the “Best Dressed Rock”or the “Farthest Distance Roller” competition. Bonus: no food or water required.

Georgia State Fair

Horses just too passé? Consider the Georgia State Fair. Pig races are held three times daily, and the fastest swine is awarded with the grand prize—an Oreo cookie. Whether your livestock is racing, or just competing for best in show, be sure that your prize animal is covered.

New Mexico State Fair

Every fair boasts a new, can’t-miss-it food item every year, but the New Mexico State Fair takes it a step further by devoting an entire competition to unique foods that fairgoers dream up. Past winners have included a deep-fried green chili bacon cheeseburger and a donut burger. Perhaps washed down with a red chili-chocolate limeade?

North Dakota State Fair

The Redneck Relay Race is a favorite at the North Dakota State Fair. Teams tackle challenges that involve mud, mason jars, and watermelons greased with Crisco.

Kansas State Fair

Have a flair for design? Do you consider yourself an expert in the use of duct tape? Then you might want to consider the Kansas State Fair’s Creating with Duct Tape competition. Competitors have made everything from clothes to sculptures which, according to the rules, must be constructed using (you guessed it) 90 percent duct tape.

Minnesota State Fair

Beauty may be an admirable quality, but a passion for dairy trumps all in contestants vying for the title of Princess Kay of the Milky Way at the Minnesota State Fair. Winners are chosen for their ability to be goodwill ambassadors for the dairy industry, making public appearances across their state and educating others about the benefits of dairy. As an additional honor, likenesses of the queen and her court will be carved out of butter, a fitting, if temporary, tribute.

You never know what you might find. Whether your state fair is right in your back yard or a road trip away, be sure to get out and explore one of the great traditions of summer! 


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