Podcasts have gotten really popular in recent years, with new podcasts cropping up all the time. And podcasts are popular for good reason: they give you an opportunity to listen while in the field or working in the shop, while staying current with trends and new ideas. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best farm and ranch podcasts for you to check out.

Our Favorite Farm and Ranch Podcasts Right Now

  1. Farmer to Farmer

    This weekly farming podcast was produced by Chris Blanchard, a vegetable farmer in northeast Iowa. He offers in-depth phone interviews and deep dives into issues that affect farmers. Podcasts generally last over an hour, and can be found at: www.farmertofarmerpodcast.com

  2. Young Farmers Podcast

    This podcast is a hub for current information affecting farmers (both young and old). Produced by the National Young Farmers Coalition, this weekly podcast focuses on agricultural policy and politics. They have covered the U.S. Farm Bill, trade policy, climate change and more. You can find this farm podcast at www.youngfarmers.org/category/podcast

  3. Girls Talk Ag

    Two women – a grain trader and market analyst, and an agronomist – team up to talk about ag topics including GMOs, social media in ag, and mom moments. They advocate responsible farming practices with a lighthearted twist. Check it out at: www.girlstalkagpodcast.libsyn.com/girls-talk-ag-podcast

  4. The Working Ranch Radio Show

    This podcast tells the stories of real farmers and ranchers “living at the end of dirt roads.” They discuss the latest news in the cattle industry, and how it affects real people in your area. They provide a lot of listener response, which keeps this ranching podcast very authentic and fresh. Find it at: workingranchradio.podbean.com/

  5. Industrial Tradition

    On the farm or ranch, you tend to be a jack of all trades: a welder, trucker, mechanic, makers, and more. This podcast takes a deep dive in the realm of farming and ranching as a small business, and the personal development it takes to be successful. Join the discussion at: industrialtradition.com/blogs/news (click into each blog post to listen to podcast)

  6. Deep Roots Radio

    This is a live podcast (Saturdays, 9:00–9:30AM Central) and features live interviews with guests that connect the dots between what we eat and how it’s grown. The host provides an interesting perspective as a New-York-City-girl-turned-beef-farmer. She discusses the links between soil health and nutrition, agricultural practice and financial sustainability and more. You can find it at: www.bronxtobarn.com/deep-roots-radio/ 

  7. American Farm Bureau Podcast

  8. This podcast provides bite-sized snippets (5 minutes or less) about current events in agriculture. Podcasts are updated often, so there is always new information that you can digest in the span of a truck ride down the road. Find it at: www.fb.org/podcast

 Note: (If you’re listening to one of these podcasts around noisy machinery, be sure to find noise-canceling headphones to help you protect your hearing.)

These seven options are a good place to start, if you’re looking for an ag-related podcast. You and your farm and ranch operation may benefit from the knowledge gained the more you learn as you work. Contact a Farm Bureau agent if you’re interested in finding out what agriculture products and services we offer that can be customized to your farm or ranch operation.