Agriculture is always on the cusp of innovation – farmers are working smarter (and harder) than ever before. From GPS/GIS to new apps, countless innovations have significantly advanced the ag industry to streamline your job and make it a little easier. We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 apps for farmers to try in 2018. Each are available in the Google Play or Apple’s App Store, and most are free to use, though many include premium versions or in-app purchases.  

8 Farming Apps to Try in 2018

  1. AgMobile – Developed in cooperation with Successful Farming and AgriCharts, this app features commodity news, weather, local cash grain quotes and charts, and local news. This app is available for Apple and Android users, and is a must-have for current, local information.


  2. ID Weeds – Struggling to identify and treat the weeds plaguing your field? This app has an easy-to-use identification system. Users can search several characteristics based on habitat, leaf type, flower color, root system and other features. Click here for Apple and Android versions.


  3. Tank Mix Calculator – Get the most from your mixes. This app quickly generates a tank mix. Users will enter acreage, tank size and carrier volume. Users can then select from a list of chemicals (or add their own) – the app will generate the number of loads needed to spray your field. Click here for Apple and Android versions.


  4. FarmLogs – Record and store all field information in one place. Farmers can log detailed information on a per-field basis, and create task lists, record rainfall, field plan and budget as the growing season unfolds. You can monitor productivity throughout the season with this one handy app.


  5. GrainTruckPlus – This app helps you manage your grain harvesting fleet from your field to your preferred elevators. Users can track their fleet, know wait times at the nearest elevators, and coordinate with combines and carts and trucks. The app also has contact information for the grain elevators, making this a handy reference during harvest. Click here for Apple or Android versions.


  6. AgriSync – Farmers are the consummate DIY-ers. When equipment breaks down, farmers need to be able to troubleshoot on the fly. This app connects farmers with expert advisors and support staff via video chat, which helps the farmer resolve the issue quickly and cost effectively. If necessary, farmers can open a ticket and track repair process in real-time. The basic app is free for Apple and Android users, but has added functionality with a tiered subscription. (The Iowa Farm Bureau is an app partner.)


  7. Ag Guardian – This app was developed by farmers, for farmers. This app makes sure farmers are only paying for the supplies they order. This app tracks the supply, the price quoted and the application put out. The app can be used to get quotes for the lowest price supplies.


  8. BeetClock – If you have farm employees, this app is designed to help manage time and labor on the farm. Accurate recordkeeping from seeding to sale is essential in order to know which crops are truly profitable.


Working smart and finding new innovative ways is in every farmer or rancher’s DNA. We’re here to help you protect what you’ve worked for with smarter insurance for agriculture®. Contact your Farm Bureau agent to learn about farm and ranch insurance.