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The roadmap to a new car

With so many to choose from, shopping for a new vehicle is both exciting and daunting. Yet today you have the convenience of shopping online to help answer many questions before ever setting foot on a car lot or visiting a private seller. This is good because making the right purchase requires thoughtful planning. Are you buying for yourself? Or a teenager who has just learned to drive? Aside from finding the make, model and options you desire, your choice must be safe and dependable.

Car insurance fuel for thought.

After your home, an automobile may be the most expensive purchase you make, so you’ll want to protect your investment. Car insurance protects you from the financial loss resulting from collisions, vandalism, theft and other situations where damage or injury may occur to you or others. If you’re at fault, your car insurance can also pay for damage to other vehicles. You can even be protected in an accident with someone who has little or no car insurance.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a compact car, pickup, recreational or commercial vehicle, Farm Bureau has the auto insurance policy to fit your needs. Remember, accidents and violations can affect the premium you pay for insurance. Other factors in the cost include the make and model of your car and your age. Finally, your premium depends on the coverage you need and any discounts available to you.

Get up to speed before you buy.

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for the right vehicle. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Decide how much you can afford and how you will finance you car.
  • Determine the type of car you need by thinking about how it will be used — to commute to work, for a young driver, on rugged terrain, etc.
  • Map out a plan. Visit websites for dealers in your area to check on inventory, financing and to compare options.
  • Use our online car-buying calculators to help you compare costs.
  • Test drive the car on different surfaces, trying all the car features.
  • If you’re considering a used vehicle, ask your mechanic to inspect it.
  • Call your Farm Bureau agent to compare the cost of car insurance between different models 

Safety first for young drivers.

Teen drivers account for more accidents than any other age group. They are, after all, still learning to drive. Stress safe driving habits with your teen driver. Discourage driving a car with distractions like multiple passengers, cell phones and text messaging. Limit driving late at night or in adverse weather conditions.

Being prepared and properly insuring your car with coverage from Farm Bureau can help protect you, your loved ones and your investment. Find an agent today.