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Career Advice to Adopt Today

 Time-tested Career Tips

As you begin your career, you may have questions about how to navigate this new and exciting journey. We asked several of our well-established employees one simple question: If you could share one piece of advice with a new employee beginning their career at Farm Bureau, what would it be? Whether you are a new college graduate just starting your career, or have decided to make Farm Bureau the next stop in your journey, the advice is sure to help you make the most of your career here:

Make the Most of Your Career

  1. Challenge Yourself

    “Never stop challenging yourself to go outside your comfort zone and take a risk.  I have found that each time I push myself outside my comfort zone or take a risk (big or small) I am so happy I did.  Those risks can end up paying great rewards in your development and success as you progress through your career. You may even find a new passion or skill you never realized you were great at.” – Nicole, with Farm Bureau 11 years

  2. Do What Needs to Be Done

    “With a new career things can seem …overwhelming because you may not have history within that type of work or an understanding of the industry. Going in and understanding how you can grow your knowledge through networking with other employees, identifying designations that will advance your knowledge, and absolutely displaying your passion for success and growth can take a new employee a very long way.  …Displaying your passion for growth, success, and career advancement will give you great opportunity to hit all of those.” – James, with Farm Bureau 10 years

  3. Go the Extra Mile

    “Throughout my professional career, I’ve lived by two credos. 1. Do more than what’s asked of you, and 2. Anticipate what people need from you and share an update before you’re asked.” – Nancy, with Farm Bureau 20 years

  4. Learn as Much as You Can

    “Never be afraid to ask questions. Whether you’re the new person or if you’ve been here for 20 years, there is no shame in asking why or how things are done. You can only learn when knowledge is shared with you. So be shameless and try and get as much knowledge as you can.” – Jeff, with Farm Bureau 12 years

  5. Amplify Opportunities

    “Seize every opportunity that comes your way, even if it pushes you outside your comfort zone. Do more than is expected. And pay attention to those who are successful and learn from them. There’s a reason they are the leaders in our organization.” – Betsy, with Farm Bureau 16 years

  6. Say Yes
  7. “My advice would be to just say yes! Say yes to learning and development opportunities. Say yes to new tasks or duties, even if they are outside your regular responsibilities. Say yes to opportunities to meet and network with new people. Doing these things early in your career will lay the foundation for success. Don’t be afraid to start in a position that is different than where you would like to end up. The learning and growth opportunities that may come from that situation could prove to be invaluable.” Sara, with Farm Bureau 14 years


When you join a company like Farm Bureau, you are joining an organization where the employees have a bit of longevity. (The average employee stays with Farm Bureau for more than 10 years.) You may find that people enjoy the challenging work, the people, or the great perks. We’re excited that you’ve taken the first step in your career journey by applying for one of our career opportunities. No matter where your career path takes you, let us help you make the most of the journey.