Career Spotlight: Ag Marketing Underwriter

Jan 3, 2018 1 min read

When you think about careers in agriculture, your mind likely flashes to images of farmers, ranchers, feed store owners and co-op operators. If you want to work with farmers and ranchers, and help them protect everything they’ve worked hard for, but also earn a steady salary with benefits, consider a career with Farm Bureau as an Ag Marketing Underwriter.

What’s an Ag Marketing Underwriter (AMU)?

An Ag Marketing Underwriter (AMU) works closely with Farm Bureau agents, and helps them make insurance coverage decisions. AMUs spend time on the farm or ranch, speaking with farmers and ranchers about their operations, measuring and assessing buildings, checking equipment from tractors to combines and more. Their goal is to protect the farm in case the unexpected happens.

What does it take to be successful?

AMUs have a healthy understanding of farm or ranch life – many grew up on a farm or ranch, and truly appreciate what it takes to be successful on the farm. Because AMUs understand what is important to farmers and ranchers, they are able to effectively communicate and build connections. AMUs are creative, and solve everyday problems. They act as a bridge between the farmer and the Farm Bureau insurance agent.

This isn’t your typical desk job?

Not at all! Most AMUs work remotely, many out of their homes. This job is really flexible, but has to work around the farmer or rancher’s schedule. They have a company vehicle and cell phone, and travel to the client. The most successful people for this job are comfortable working independently, people who thrive with little supervision.

What skills do you need?

AMUs need to have a solid understanding of insurance principles. If you have an existing AIC, AU, AFIS, CIC or CPCU that is a definite plus, but not required. Farm Bureau will help you become certified, and train you for success. A business or an agriculture degree is beneficial, but not required to succeed in this role.

Learn More.

If you enjoy spending time on the farm, and have a strong desire to help farmers and ranchers succeed, consider a career as an Ag Marketing Underwriter. Apply online at or join our Talent Network today!

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