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Career Spotlight: FBFS Central

One sure sign of a great team is a deep bench.

Having a pool of individuals who can step in to fill the gaps and maintain peak performance when another player steps out is critical to success – this is true in both baseball and business. Teams without enough support are known to fall behind or lose pace in those crucial moments. At Farm Bureau Financial Services, we call our support team FBFS Central. 

What is FBFS Central?

Farm Bureau is known for having some of the best agents in the business – agents who develop personal relationships with their client/members working closely with them day in and day out. But sometimes things happen and an agent isn’t available. This is where FBFS Central steps in –Representatives based in one of two centralized agencies (West Des Moines, IA and Sioux Falls, SD) are able to handle all of the typical client service activities an agent might normally perform. This includes everything from answering coverage questions to aiding in the claims process and even updating or adding coverage as needed.

What Qualities Does it Take to Succeed?

Don’t confuse this with a call center. Representatives are licensed insurance professionals who just happen to work from a central location instead of a traditional local office. Representatives serve clients who, for a variety of reasons, don’t have a local agent immediately available. The team actively reviews coverage with client/members, looking for available discounts and potential gaps in coverage. They are licensed to serve in multiple states.

What Kind of Training is Needed?

A background in insurance isn’t required to become a FBFS Central Representative – but a willingness to learn and develop their knowledge is! FBFS Central Representatives are or will become licensed in Property and Casualty, Life and Health insurance products, but licensing is not required to apply for the position. The company will also provide assistance in earning other industry certifications.

Skills to Succeed

The most successful Representatives are flexible, willing to learn and try new things, have great communication skills, and an intrinsic desire to succeed. Many have come from a background in sales or another service position. They know how to break complex topics (like insurance coverage options) into simple terms that everyone can understand. They are analytical in nature, and can see potential opportunities for improvement. They are creative, out-of-the-box thinkers who thrive on looking for long-term solutions.

Not your Typical Sales Job

FBFS Central Representatives are a crucial part of our growing business. They enjoy participating in incentive programs, a steady paycheck and opportunities to grow and develop their careers. Want to learn more? Check out our opportunities available in South Dakota and Iowa. Or, share your interest with us – join our Talent Network!