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Don’t Get Fooled this April Fools’ Day

Millions of people in homes, schools and workplaces spend April 1st playing practical jokes on each other in the hope of a quick laugh. This is a very special holiday for the pranksters of the world but, to some, it’s just the worst. The best April Fools’ prank can hit you out of nowhere. So here’s your warning, along with some tips that might help you avoid getting pranked.  

  1. Assume you’re going to get pranked. And be prepared for it. First, think of the classics. A pat on the back could be a pranking friend taping a funny sign to your back.

  2. Keep your most important belongings with you at all times. You don’t want the language settings switched to a foreign language on your cell phone. Lock your laptop, the last thing you want are your prankster friends posting interesting Facebook statuses from your account.

  3. Don’t trust the internet! In fact, avoid the internet entirely, if you can! Newspapers, magazines, websites and even companies (like Google) like to get in on the fun. April 1st will bring a lot of dubious stories and false announcements. Double-check any major announcement you see on the internet because there’s a good chance it’s a hoax. There’s nowhere easier to make fake stuff look believable than on the internet.

  4. Is it too good to be true? Then it probably is! Free ice cream in the break lounge? Probably not. Just don’t get too excited about anything.

  5. Don’t eat anything offered to you. Tainting food is one of the easiest April Fools’ Day jokes to play! It’s best to bring your own lunch and snacks to work to avoid getting pranked. An offer of a caramel-covered apple might turn out to be a yellow onion in disguise. The cream filling in a donut might actually be toothpaste. Are the lids on those Salt & Pepper shakers sealed tightly? Better check!

  6. Watch your every move. A handrail could have maple syrup on it and you’d never know until your hand was covered. You never know when you could step in some mysterious liquid placed by a devious friend or colleague. Or walk right into a door frame encased in plastic wrap.

  7. Check your office supplies. Has your mouse mysteriously stopped working? A sneaky colleague might have placed a small piece of post-it note over the ball of your mouse. Are you missing your stapler only to later find it engulfed in a Jell-O mold? Don’t be surprised to come back to your desk after an afternoon meeting and find it covered in sticky notes! April Fools office pranks can easily catch you off guard. In fact, putting a mirror near your office computer screen will allow you to see behind you while you’re working. No one can sneak up on you then!

  8. Don’t take suggestions about what to do from other people. To set up a prank, a clever friend might give you specific directions so that you fall right into their trap. For example, if a friend tells you to “sit here” sit in a different chair to avoid any prank they may have set up for you. If you refuse to take direction from anybody, you’ll escape being set up for a prank.

  9. Look before you sit. Aside from the classic “pull your chair out from under you as you sit down” prank there’s the “air horn attached underneath your chair” prank.

  10. Get in on the fun! Instead of waiting around to get pranked, use some of these April Fools’ Day ideas to prank your family, friends and colleagues. They’ll be so busy being pranked by you that they won’t have time to prank you back!

You never know when a prank might be coming your way. Don’t let your guard and follow the tips above and maybe you’ll be able to escape the day un-pranked.  If you fall for an April Fools’ Day prank, laugh it off! It’s all in good fun so there’s no reason to feel foolish.