Going Above and Beyond to Serve Our Client/Members

Oct 1, 2020 1 min read

When you think about customer service, what comes to mind? Whether you had a memorable moment at a store, with an online retailer or over the phone, know there was a team of people who made that experience possible. At Farm Bureau, providing exceptional service is most definitely a team effort. Every employee, no matter their job description, plays a role in the service we provide. We’re looking for people who thrive on providing those memorable experiences to join our teams.

We asked Farm Bureau Financial Services employees what customer service meant to them. Check out the many ways our employees make an impact on client/members every day:

 “As a Project Manager, the major focus of every project that I have worked on has centered around building smarter, faster and easier digital tools. And if my teams are successful, the client/member experience is more pleasant, less stressful and much easier to navigate!” – Charles H., Project Manager

“My impact is all behind the scenes. When a client/member turns in a claim, I analyze the claim to try to find coverage.  In addition, if a client/member is sued for a covered claim, I make sure they have a great attorney defending them.” – Michele H., Casualty Claims

“I work hard to provide the right information at the right time to our agents so they can successfully sell and service life insurance products. I am committed to not only sharing company and industry information, but also to showing genuine respect, empathy, and compassion. My role requires a deep understanding of the client/member’s needs, and how we can help them achieve their goal of protecting their family.” – Rick F., Life Sales Consultant

“In Marketing Services, our goal is to provide clear, concise and engaging communications for our client/members, both internal and external. We also communicate with agents, helping them serve up product solutions customized to fit the unique needs of their client/members. We are always looking for new ways to effectively share our message.” – Sam M., Marketing Services 

Service Begins with You

Farm Bureau truly is a service-driven organization. Our client/members are at the forefront of every decision we make, and every team member who works here has a chance to make a difference in the way our client/members view us. If you are passionate about putting people first and providing exceptional service, consider joining us. Check out our open positions, or join our Talent Network today.

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