How Smart Technology Solutions Can Protect Your Small Business

May 24, 2021 1 min read

You likely already use technology solutions for your small business — from laptops and tablets to payment-processing systems and task-tracking apps. But have you thought about equipping your brick-and-mortar space with smart business technology that can save you money and protect your investment? Here are a few ways new technology can boost your business and your peace of mind.

Smart Thermostat

If your energy bill frequently erodes your profits, give your budget a break with a smart thermostat that knows when to crank the heat or to cut it. Smart environmental devices allow you to set money-saving parameters, like nixing the air conditioning after everyone’s gone for the day. Plus, you can control it from your mobile device so you can prevent frozen pipes, even when you’re lying on the beach in a different state.

Smart Lighting

Do you have that one employee who leaves last but always forgets to flip off the lights? Smart thermostats and smart lighting systems can help you cut down on your energy bill. Smart lights have a variety of features, including remote control access and motion and occupancy sensing so that the lights are on only when needed.

Video Doorbell

A video doorbell can be a great way to bolster security at work without cutting into the budget. You’ll feel safer when you’re at the office. And when you’re not there, remote monitoring via a smartphone app allows you to always have eyes on your entry area.

Smart Locks

If you have employees who need access to your workplace when you’re not there, smart lock options can offer better security than handing out cards or keys. Keys can get lost or duplicated, creating the possibility for a security breech. Smart locks offer keyless entry options so that you can revoke access at any time or grant access to someone even when you’re not there. Plus, smart locks offer the option of keeping track of who’s coming and going and when.

Smart Security

Other smart security options include connected systems of cameras and a variety of sensors to protect your business and equipment from the unexpected. Sensors may include those for door and window latches, smoke and heat and even water. Receive alerts on your smartphone whenever something is amiss.

Digital Assistants

You might have a digital assistant at home, such as an Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Hub. Although these digital assistants can’t exactly run your business for you, they can offer help in the form of coordinating and controlling some of the new technology you use for your business. If nothing else, you can always use a digital assistant to remind your employee to shut the lights off.

Protect Your Business

Smart technology offers new ways to improve protection for your business, but it doesn’t replace your need for business insurance. Farm Bureau offers flexible, comprehensive coverage to meet the needs of your small business. Connect with your local agent today to learn more.

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