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How to Find the Best Places on Airbnb

Airbnb has exploded in popularity in the last five years, going from a little-known startup to a major disruptor in the hospitality industry. Airbnbs can be more cost-effective and give you the chance to live like a local, but how do you find the Airbnb that’s right for you? Here are some tips and tricks you can use to find the best places on Airbnb!

Tips and Tricks to Find the Best AirBNB Spots

Create a Profile

The most important part is assembling a profile. People renting out their space want to have an idea of who you are, and having a solid profile is a good way to increasing your likelihood of being able to book an Airbnb. Have a good profile photo, and take the time to tell potential hosts a little bit about who you are.

Define Your Space

Airbnb lets you choose from several different types of lodging, from renting a bedroom to the entire dwelling. Living spaces vary wildly. You can rent an apartment, a tree house or a mansion in the hills. First, define whether or not you’re comfortable staying in a home while the owner is actually there. Then use the price filtering feature to determine what you’d like to pay. Note that the fees hosts charge for deposits, cancellations and cleaning fees vary, so be sure to read carefully.

Find Your Place

The maps feature will be your friend in deciding where you’d like to stay. Want to be right where the tourist attractions are, or will your Airbnb be in an area dominated more by locals? Airbnb lets you determine not only the neighborhood, but where the nearest public transit locations are located. This can be very valuable if the sights you want to see aren’t within easy walking distance.

Read the Reviews

Read the reviews — as many as you can. Hosts’ star ratings are important, but also take the time to look for how many ratings total they have. Reviews can leave you with valuable information. Is the neighborhood noisy? Did guests have pleasant interactions with the host? Were their lodgings clean and comfortable? Be wary of hosts that have only a handful of reviews or that haven’t been listed for very long.

Communicate with Your Airbnb Host

Find a property you’re interested in with the availability you’re looking for? Reach out to your host first! Airbnb isn’t like a hotel, where you book online for the dates you want and call it day. Message your host and ask about availability. Introduce yourself, and add a short blurb about why you’re traveling and what you’re looking forward to. This can go a long way toward scoring a booking. Airbnb hosts want to rent to someone they feel is trustworthy.

This also lets you get a feel for what your host is like. How involved will they be? Will they drop by, or will they leave you to your own devices? Some hosts enjoy sitting down with their guests and can be valuable tour guides to local hot spots. Others prefer to keep their presence minimal. Find the level of interaction that you’re most comfortable with.

Be a Good Guest

Finally, this isn’t a hotel. Read any instructions your host leaves carefully. If they ask you to pick up after yourself or take out the trash, do so. This is someone’s home, after all, and a little courtesy goes a long way.

Vacation Like a Pro

Airbnb can be a great deal, but you have to do your research! By following these tips, you’ll help ensure you’ll have the kind of vacation that makes memories you can look back on for years to come.