How to Make Safety Part of Your Farm's Culture

Feb 28, 2022 1 min read

Creating a culture of safe practices is important for any farm or ranch. From working around grain bins to driving large farm equipment, farming and ranching can present dangerous work, especially when working alone. Your operation is important to us and we want you to be safe while you’re doing what you love. Making safety a top priority on your farm or ranch can help prevent injuries, damage to equipment and other risks. Consider these tips for creating a culture of safety on your farm or ranch to help protect your family, your employees and yourself.

Cultivating a Culture of Farm Safety

Lead by Example

As a farm or ranch owner and a boss, you set the example for your employees. One of the best ways to promote safety on the farm is by modeling safe behaviors yourself. Your employees will see your safe practices and want to follow your lead.

Talk About Safety Often

Communication is key and safety on the farm or ranch is something you can’t talk about too much. The more you talk about safe practices, the more awareness you’ll create. Talking openly and regularly about farm safety will create a comfortable environment where others can approach you and ask questions.

Offer Training

Providing ongoing training and current/relevant information is important to ensure your employees are equipped with the right knowledge to stay safe on the farm or ranch. Offering in-person or online safety training can provide your employees with necessary information to help avoid injuries. Use this opportunity to review farm safety measures and to provide a hands-on learning experience for your employees.

Address Safety Concerns

Ignoring safety issues on your farm or ranch is not only dangerous but it also sends a message to others that safety is not a top priority. Practice responding safely and quickly to farm hazards and act promptly to improve conditions.

Identify Farm Safety Precautions and Opportunities

Evaluate procedures and ensure safety precautions are being implemented. Taking a good look at how safety practices are implemented can help you identify areas for improvement. 

Prepare for the Unexpected

Making safety a top priority on your farm or ranch is key to keeping your employees and yourself safe. But accidents do happen. Be sure your farm or ranch is protected. From workers’ compensation to farm and ranch insurance, a local Farm Bureau agent can help discuss your operation’s needs and help you obtain the coverages to keep operating smoothly.

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