Vehicle Maintenance

With the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, it’s easy to forget to keep on top of your car maintenance. We have your car maintenance checklist here. A car maintenance checklist starts with a monthly washing and can serve as a good reminder to review your checklist throughout the year.


After your vehicle’s monthly scrub down, top off your windshield washer fluids. You don’t want to get caught on the road with no way to wipe away the grime. Double check that all your lights are in working order. Make sure your check-engine light isn’t on. If it is, schedule a trip to the mechanic. Check your tire inflation, tread and condition, too. If you’ve reached the 50,000-mile mark on your tires, consider getting a new set.


Designate the months of January, April, July and October for performing your added quarterly maintenance. Do your usual monthly cleaning along with lights, tire checks, etc. This is also the time to top off additional fluids, like the automatic transmission fluid and the power steering fluid. Also inspect your batteries and their cables for any wear or corrosion. Check your owner’s manual to determine your vehicle’s recommended oil change schedule, but regardless of the mileage or timeframe, check the oil quarterly. Make quarterly inspections of belts, hoses, your fuel filter and your exhaust. If these things are out of your wheelhouse, ask your service center to check them for you when you head in for an oil change.

Twice a year

When sunny July rolls around, you’ll have a few extra things to check in addition to your typical monthly and quarterly lists. Along with washing, you should give your car a good wax and seal to protect the finish, and inspect your wiper blades for wear. Check your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s mileage recommendation on changing your engine’s air filter. But even if you haven’t driven that distance, inspect it for grime and deterioration, which could lead to engine degradation. Finally, look into any need for chassis lubrication.


At the start of the new year, follow all of the above maintenance for your monthly, quarterly and six-month schedules, but include a few add-ons. Check your brakes to make sure they are serving you well. For safety, it’s best to get your brakes, steering and suspension looked at by a pro. Now’s the time to also replace your cabin air filter to make sure you’re breathing clean air while driving and to keep your AC running smoothly. Top off your coolant/antifreeze, and you’ll be all set for another year. Happy driving!