Low Budget Home Projects that Make a High-Dollar Impact

You may watch home improvement shows and marvel at the upgrades people are able to make to their homes (with the magic of TV and seemingly unlimited budgets, of course!). If you’re looking to update your living space but you don’t have a network budget to play with, we have easy tips that you can use to create a custom living space without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking to put your home on the market or simply enjoy your living space, we have some low-cost value-adding home renovation ideas for you.

Low-Budget Upgrades to Consider

Change the Look of Kitchen Cabinets

Give your kitchen cabinets a facelift by changing the paint color. Painting will freshen the appearance for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets and can be done over the span of a weekend. By painting, you have an opportunity to choose modern colors to fit your décor. Consider using a tip from the pros and choose a darker color for base cabinets and lighter colors for upper cabinets. This Old House shares tips on cabinet painting to ensure you get the best, most even coverage possible.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Island

Do you have an island in the kitchen? Adding corbels under the peninsula can give your kitchen a cozy, custom feel that makes your kitchen even more inviting. You can find pre-cut corbels at your local hardware store, or search vintage markets to find the right look and feel for your home. Once you find corbels, installation is easy. No need to worry about flipping the whole kitchen and figuring out how to survive a kitchen remodel!

Another Cabinet Upgrade to Consider

Even basic, shaker-style cabinets can look custom with this very low-cost trick: add finial feet under cabinets and stain/paint to match your cabinets. Finial feet (something commonly found at local hardware stores) are inexpensive but adding them to the front of lower cabinets can provide a finished look and add depth and dimension to negative space – plus it’s an easy (and inexpensive) way to give builder-grade kitchen or bathroom cabinets an updated look.

Frame Your Reflection

Many builders will install basic bathroom mirrors without a lot of thought. The mirror does the job, but it can look a little boring. Add visual interest by adding a frame around the mirror. (You don’t even need to remove the mirror from the wall!) You can use pre-cut molding to create the look you are after. Paint or stain to match the cabinets, and you have an upgraded look for your bathroom in about an hour.

Make it Rain

Transform your shower into a luxury escape with the help of a new shower head. Shower heads can range in price, beginning as low as $20, but changing them can give your shower a surprise makeover. Choose from rain shower heads, or pulsating massage heads that will help you wash your cares away. Match the shower head with other bathroom fixtures for a congruent look in the bathroom.

Add Wainscoting

Add appeal to a room with the help of a little wainscoting. For a small investment, you can define a space with the help of a little paneling, paint, and time. You can purchase wainscoting in a variety of materials and colors or use this tip to add visual interest to your existing walls (and fewer materials).

Create a Barn Door

Barn doors are everywhere right now – they add a casual, rustic style to almost any room, and can work with almost any door. If you look for hardware, it can range from $300-600, although a DIYer can create their own hardware for around $60. From there, add an existing door or purchase one from a second-hand shop to complete the transformation.

Use Wood for Dimension

Adding wood to bare walls can add an interesting visual element and provide a focal point to most rooms. You don’t need high quality wood to create a big impact, though – you can add dimension and style by repurposing pallet wood on your walls. Pallet wood comes in all shades and sizes, but the random, inexact pattern adds to the appeal of the project for pennies.

Spruce Up a Worn Deck

If you have had a deck for years and maybe neglected regular treatments, it’s easy to bring them back to life with a little work. You can power wash and add sealant decks that have been in the elements for years and breathe new life into your outdoor living space. And your biggest investment is the time you will spend, especially when you incorporate these tips.

Pay Attention to Curb Appeal

One of the most often overlooked elements of your curb appeal is the appearance of your garage door. You don’t need to buy a new garage door to upgrade the appearance. Consider painting or staining to add visual interest. Whether it’s faded or came as a boring white color, you can change the entire look for around $20.

Add Dimension to Doors

If your home has odd-sized closet doors, you may have purchased basic doors to fit the doorway. You don’t have to live with uninspired single panel doors – use this step by step tutorial to create a shaker-style door with a little wood and paint. It’s a simple way to add a more custom look to your doors, no matter their size.

Your Backsplash Makes a Difference

When people think about remodeling their kitchen or bathroom, they generally think about upgrading their countertops. If you have basic cabinets and colors, you can add shape and color with the help of a backsplash. Both functional and decorative, backsplashes offer an inexpensive home fix to make your space more unique. Consider adding your chosen material above countertops or on a full wall to add a more dramatic effect.

You can make small tweaks to your home – that don’t have to cost and arm and a leg – but are easy to do and enhance your living space. Another smart move is to ensure you have the proper home coverage. Your local Farm Bureau agent can help make sure your home (and everything that makes it unique) is protected.