Packing Light for a Motorcycle Road Trip

When you live life on two wheels, you know that packing for a road trip looks a little different. Your motorcycle has a lot less space to work with than the trunk of a car, so you need to be smart with the space you have. Use this checklist to figure out what you need for a motorcycle road trip.

Motorcycle Road Trip Essentials

Packing for a motorcycle trip means using your space efficiently. With limited space, every inch of your pack counts.

  • Clothing – Be sure to grab the clothing essentials (socks, undergarments, short and long sleeve shirts, toiletry basics and comfy clothes). If you pack an extra pair of shoes, be sure to stick some of your essentials inside the spare pair so you can maximize every spare inch of packing space. Consider layering so you can add or remove layers as the temperature changes.
  • Bike Essentials – Don’t skip the basics, like a tire pressure gauge, bungee cords, registration and insurance info. If you have room, it is always good idea to carry some basic tools and a first aid kit, even after visiting the shop for basic motorcycle maintenance. (If you are traveling with a group, talk to them ahead of time – not everyone needs to bring first aid supplies and roadside repair kits.)
  • Things to Think About – Consider sunscreen, glasses or goggles for your eyes, and laundry pods so you can do a load of laundry when you stop. Don’t forget phone chargers and dry bags for your electronics.

What You Can Skip

Less is more when it comes to packing for a weekend (or a week) away. Keep in mind a couple of things you can skip on your motorcycle road trip.

  • Pack Light – You will roll past a laundromat in nearly every town, so you don’t need to pack more than two changes of clothes. Pack one pair of shoes that goes with everything and (ladies) half the makeup you would normally wear.
  • Think About Your Trip – If you know you will be sleeping in a hotel, skip the toiletry basics – every hotel will have soap and shampoo. The hotel will have a hair dryer and other basics.

How to Pack for Your Motorcycle Road Trip

Optimize your limited space with a few packing secrets. Be sure to balance the weight on both sides of the bike. Distribute your weight evenly from right to left so your motorcycle doesn’t pull one way or another as you make your way down the highway. Always add balance to your packs by putting your heaviest items on the bottom. Rolling (instead of folding) your clothing can help you save space in your packs and make the most of your limited room.

Pop-up showers can develop out of nowhere. It’s a wise idea to carry water resistant packs during your road trip, or even plastic bags in case of rain or inclement weather. Many bikers also find it helpful to store water resistant clothing in side packs for the unexpected rain shower.

As you enjoy the open road this season, remember that Farm Bureau is by your side. When you have the right motorcycle coverage (and nationwide Roadside Assistance) you can feel confident that you are protected no matter where the road takes you.