Popular Apps for Farmers and Ranchers

Apr 8, 2024 2 min read

Precision technology continues to be a driving factor in today’s agricultural industry. Utilizing applications, or apps, on your smartphone or tablet can be a great way to stay on top of all the moving pieces of your operation. From the markets to managing your irrigation systems and much more, these popular apps for farmers can be tools available to you to use daily.

There’s an App for Everything

Whether you’re wanting to check the weather radar while you’re out in the fields or wondering if a calf has been born in the middle of the night, there’s an app for everything. We’ve broken down a list of popular apps for farmers and ranchers into categories that cover it all.


Watching the commodity markets is an important part of your business. When it comes to marketing your grain or livestock, keeping an eye on futures and your options helps you make decisions about what to do. Here are a few popular market apps specific to agriculture.

Financials and Record Keeping

Keeping record books is another important piece of running your operation. Luckily, these financial and record keeping applications may be just the software you need to move your bookkeeping to electronic. This can help reduce the need to keep documents and increase organization. While some are free and others require a subscription, it may be a good option.

Weather and Climate

Talking about the weather may be a staple of the ag community: “How much rain did you get,”, “If it wasn’t for the wind,” and “How soon can we get in the fields,” are common expressions. But in all seriousness, the weather and climate play a major role in your success. Checking the weather as often as you want should be easy. Fortunately, it is! Here are popular and accurate weather apps to help you plan your next move. Consider checking your local news station to see if they have a weather app to use as well.

Irrigation Systems

Running pivot systems across fields 10 miles from your house can result in a lot of driving. Wouldn’t it be nice to have control over your irrigation systems right from your phone, no matter where you are? Well, we’ve found that these irrigation system apps are popular among farmers and ranchers.

Field Mapping

You’re gearing up to begin planting and maybe you’ve purchased new land or added terraces and waterways to your existing fields. Syncing farming equipment with your land through field mapping to give you a precise plan of action is an important part of your operation. Whether you’re planting, applicating or tilling your fields, knowing that your equipment aligns with the dirt is crucial. These apps work closely with well-known and utilized equipment to help you achieve accuracy. Consider also checking with your local county auditor for mapping.


Owning and raising livestock is no easy task. When it comes to herd health, calving season, battling extreme weather and more, it’s good to have a resource right at your fingertips. No matter what type of livestock you’re raising, there’s an agriculture app for you.

Additional App Favorites

If you’re looking for a few more apps to explore using in your operation, check out this list of additional favorites to see if they might be helpful to you. Consider also looking into your local auction house to see if they have an app to use.

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