Owning a business can be the achievement of a lifetime, and an investment you need to protect. Your business provides products and services that people depend on, as well as a place of employment. Knowing you have the right risk management strategies in place can make operating your business that much easier.

Managing the risks
Owning a business provides many opportunities, including freedom, flexibility, financial potential and control. Along with the opportunities are potential risks like fire, crime, natural disaster and liability for personal injury.

Fortunately, business insurance from Farm Bureau Financial Services is designed to help shelter your business from unpredictable events. It can provide coverage against loss of income and damage to your buildings, as well as liability coverage to protect you in the event a claim or lawsuit is filed against your business.

You can tailor your business insurance policy by adding extended coverage and umbrella insurance, which provides liability coverage above the limits of your business policy.

Supporting your employees

One way to support your employees is to offer an employee retirement plan that can help you hire, retain and reward quality employees. Consider offering a range of other benefits, including life insurance and disability income insurance. There may also be significant business and tax advantages associated with these programs.

Preparing for the future

Like most companies, you may have one or more employees who play a major role in the success of your business. It may be you — the owner — and/or a business partner or key employee with considerable skills and knowledge. Key person insurance protects your business from the retirement, disability or untimely death of you or another key employee.

Creating a business continuation strategy can provide funds to cover the hiring and training expenses for a replacement employee, as well as the day-to-day expenses of running your business. Putting these plans in place now will help your business make these transitions easier in the future.

Your local Farm Bureau agent can help you develop strategies to protect your business and provide for your employees to ensure your continued success well into the future. Find an agent now.