Take the Quiz: Are You Ready to Be Your Own Boss?

More than one-third of the U.S. workforce has opted against full-time traditional employment to become an independent contractor or run their own business, according to a 2017 Freelancers Union Survey. With this style of work trending, you may have wondered if this change is right for you. Take our quiz to determine your work personality.

What’s your preference when it comes to working with others on projects and tasks?

A. You thrive on team camaraderie, love having a diverse group of coworkers and enjoy team-based projects with monster brainstorming sessions.

B. You like collaborating on large-scale projects, but you prefer to do your portion of the work solo. And you like taking ownership of small projects and seeing them to completion.

C. Leadership and project management is your thing. You like working on long-term endeavors, parsing big projects into smaller tasks and delegating those tasks.

What’s your relationship to money and money-management?

A. Economic uncertainty stresses you out. You like a steady payment schedule that allows you to fine-tune a budget. Benefits and perks matter too.

B. You agree that a steady income is nice, but it also makes you feel limited in your earning potential.

C. You’re a risk-taker when it comes to money and like to seize opportunities, but you also have a level head for managing cash flow fluxes and can see the big picture when it comes to a budget.

What’s your take on work-related stress and pressure?

A. You like to be challenged at work, but when work’s done for the day, you prefer to leave those stresses behind and enjoy life.

B. You thrive on deadlines and feel empowered when you’re busy. Yet you rely on your hobbies and passions to blow off steam.

C. Pressure feeds your drive to succeed. But you’re also adept at delegating tasks to alleviate your stress and help empower others at the same time.

What’s your preference in regards to routine and workspace?

A. You thrive on a set work schedule and working in a place that’s separate from your home.

B. You hate the idea of a morning commute and prefer to schedule your work hours in a way that fits around your life. You’re not averse to routine, but you like being able to change it when necessary.

C. A set schedule helps with organizing your full plate, but you’re flexible when work doesn’t fit into your routine. Work is part of your identity, and you’re willing to make personal sacrifices to succeed.

How do your choices shake up?

If you answered mostly A’s, you’re most suited for a salaried position at a company. You work your best when sharing in the camaraderie of an office setting, having a clear-cut work schedule and tasks and raking in a steady paycheck. You may have a few C’s in your mix. If that’s the case, you might thrive in a managerial or top-tier position. If you’re not in one now, investigate what it will take to move up at your current organization, or seek out positions elsewhere that work as stepping stones.

If you answered mostly B’s, you’re a shoe-in to become a freelancer. You’ll channel any stress or anxiety about freelancer uncertainties (like sporadic income) into seeking out clients and doing your best work possible. If you’re not an independent contractor already, consider starting a side-hustle to build up your client base before jumping ship from a nine-to-five job. You may have a few C’s on your answer list, as well. If so, you could also be suited to go beyond solopreneurship to running a small business or startup and managing your own team. You might even be a great fit as a Farm Bureau Agent.

If you answered mostly C’s, you’re a good candidate for becoming an entrepreneur. You have the skills and personality for creating a business plan and managing all the moving parts of a new venture. You’ll do well with a small crew of sub-contractors or even full-time team members to help you take your dream from concept to fruition. Still not sure? If you’re considering starting a new business, ask yourself these questions to see if you’re ready to be your own boss.