Teaming Up to Serve You: Meet the Regional Financial Consultant

Dec 4, 2019 1 min read

When you work with us, you’re getting much more than a single agent to help you plan for and protect your future. I’m part of a larger team of professionals including regional financial consultants, ag underwriters, financial advisors, claims associates and more. I tap into this team to help ensure you have the right coverage at the right time along with a plan help you achieve your future financial goals.

To help you get to know the resources on your Farm Bureau team, I’d like to introduce you to the role of the regional financial consultant.

What is a Regional Financial Consultant?

A regional financial consultant works with agents like me to support the development of complex life insurance or annuity policies. When client/members come to me with complex life insurance or financial needs that I feel I may need a second opinion on, I’ll bring in my regional financial consultant for a group discussion. Doing this helps ensure we clearly understand the needs of our client/members and can work together to create a customized strategy that fits. Think of a regional financial consultant as an extra resource looking out for you and your individual needs.

What kinds of cases do Regional Financial Consultants help with?

My regional financial consultant has helped me with client/members’ estate, life insurance, retirement and long-term care planning needs. Some regional financial consultants even work with your outside professionals – attorney, tax planners, accountants, etc. – on needs like succession planning and estate planning.

How can a Regional Financial Consultant be of value to you?

Working with a regional financial consultant is a little bit like having your doctor consult with a specialist before outlining your treatment plan. My regional financial consultant will get to know you and your unique situation and then we’ll work together to help you achieve your goals. With advanced experience in complex life insurance and financial situations, regional financial consultants can offer valuable insight.

Working together to help you achieve more.

No two person’s needs and goals are the same, that’s why we take the time to get to know you and what’s important in your world. Working together we can provide an elevated level of service helping you accomplish more.

Want to learn more?

Contact a local FBFS agent or advisor for answers personalized to you.