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The Importance of Work-Life Balance and Taking Vacation as a Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, you’re likely tempted to do it all. In fact, small business owners are notorious for not taking vacations. Instead, they calculate how much it will cost and how much money they may lose while they’re away. To that end, you may feel compelled to work every day of the year! Although, will you ever realize your long-term small business goals if you work yourself to the bone? You’ll eventually burn out, which is why it’s important to prioritize work-life balance and take time away from work to recharge. So, how can you find time to take that much needed and well-deserved break?

Take Time During the Slow Season

Finding ways to share your time between business and pleasure is important for work-life balance. If your business has a slow season, it’s likely the best time to get away. Some business owners even close their shops for a few days and take the time to unwind.

Delegate Work

Whether your’re in an office or working remotely, training a trusted staff member to manage your daily tasks and lead other employees can help you manage work-life balance. Loosening the reins might be out of your comfort zone, but having an employee who can handle your daily tasks could lead to new opportunities in the future, like expanding your business. If you don’t have anyone able to do this, consider networking to find someone to work with. Perhaps you know someone else that runs a similar business, or you have a close friend who understands what you do and could fill in temporarily.

Let Important Clients Know You’ll Be Away

You don’t want your biggest and best clients to find out you’re away from an auto-response email! Be proactive and let them know a few weeks ahead of time that you’re taking time off. If someone else will be managing your business while you’re out, share that person’s contact information and level of extensive knowledge.

Schedule Check-Ins

While completely unplugging might be your goal, perhaps it’s not realistic. Limit work interruptions and let yourself unplug at times by scheduling work check-ins. Give your staff a time-frame of when you’ll be available to check emails and answer questions. You’ll stay connected, but will leave yourself the ability to unplug and enjoy the day. 

Still not convinced a few days away is possible? There are many benefits of unplugging that might convince you otherwise.

The Benefits of Taking Time to Unplug

You’ll Be More Productive When You Come Back

When you step away from your work, you’ll have more energy when you return. A vacation will improve your health and give you time to de-stress, making you more efficient when you are back in the office.

You’ll Come up With New Ideas

Going to a new place helps you gain perspective and enables you to look at things from a different angle. You’ll almost certainly come up with a few new ideas while you’re away! Who knows, maybe one of them will help you take your small business to the next level.

You’ll Figure out the Best Way to Take Vacation Next Time

Expect to run into a few hiccups when you take your first vacation as a small business owner. Maybe you’ll forget to delegate something or find out you should’ve taken care of a task that you delegated to someone else. Whatever the case may be, treat your first vacation as a learning process. You’ll learn what went right and what went wrong so you can use that information to plan even better for your next vacation.

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