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Severe Weather Terms You Need to Know

When it comes to severe weather and the destruction it can cause, preparation is half the battle. Knowing the meaning of essential weather terms and being able to distinguish between a watch and a warning can make all the difference in keeping your family and home safe. Read on to learn the definitions of important severe weather terms. 

Thunderstorm Safety

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

There's the potential for severe thunderstorms to develop. Be ready to act if a warning is issued.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

This indicates imminent danger to life and property, and includes potential for large hail, lightning, damaging winds, flash flooding and tornadoes.

Tornado Watches and Warnings

Tornado Watch

Weather conditions are capable of producing tornadoes.

Tornado Warning

A tornado is sighted or indicated by radar. Seek shelter immediately.

Floods and Flash Floods

Flash Flood Watch 

Conditions are probable for flash flooding or flooding within the watch area. Stay alert.

Flash Flood Warning

A flash flood is imminent or occurring. A flash flood can only take a few minutes to develop.

Fire Danger

Fire Weather Watch 

Conditions may result in either numerous fires or extreme fire behavior within the next 24 to 72 hours.

Red Flag Warning

Fire conditions are ongoing or expected to occur within the next 24 hours.

Are Your Protected from Severe Weather?
If severe weather strikes your farm or ranch, having the right coverage can make a big difference. To help ensure your property has the coverage you need to get right back on your feet, talk to a Farm Bureau agent today.