What I Am Thankful For At Work

Thankful for at work
As the year wraps up, we reflect on the amazing things in our lives, and give thanks. While it is typical for our employees to recognize friends and family at the top of their lists, many are also grateful for opportunities at work. Paychecks are great, but most of the employees tell us they have a lot more than that to be thankful for at Farm Bureau Financial Services.

On-Site Childcare

I am so thankful to have a daycare onsite! It’s really reassuring to know I can pop down to see my child throughout the day and I’m right onsite if anything were to happen. It’s one of the best benefits I’ve ever received from an employer. – Jessica, Marketing Services, 2 years

There are a lot of tangible and intangible benefits to providing on-site child care for employees. It helps our families flourish, and helps working parents return to work after having children. Farm Bureau has a child care center on-site at multiple locations, and has rooms with several age levels. Farm Bureau also has private nursing rooms for new mothers, making the transition a little easier when returning to work after having children.

Learning Opportunities

I am very thankful for the opportunity to learn new software and the trust to send me off to class to learn new software that nobody on team knows.  – Matthew, Programmer Analyst, 1 year

At Farm Bureau, employees can go as far as their ambitions take them. We provide learning and development opportunities, and foster a learning environment where employees can stretch the boundaries and learn new things. We want employees to grow and develop their careers, and we work hard to provide the resources for it. Your career is never at a stand-still at Farm Bureau.

Networking Opportunities

We are so lucky to have the opportunity to participate in networking programs and events. As employees, we are really encouraged to meet new people from throughout the company, and to learn from seasoned people that have been here awhile. It’s a great way to learn the culture, and spread our passion for protecting livelihoods and futures! – Stacie, Human Resources, 12 years

Starting on their first day, employees are encouraged to make connections – not only on their team, but throughout the company. Farm Bureau hosts networking events where new employees can connect with people on a variety of teams with a variety of tenures. Employees can often spot friendly faces in the on-site cafeteria, and have the ability to grow their careers with the connections they have made at these events. Farm Bureau has many groups, including women’s networking and outreach to mentoring and more.

Ability to Recognize Their Co-Workers

I am thankful to have committed 30 years of my life to an organization that believes people are its greatest asset. I appreciate that Farm Bureau encourages employees to recognize our coworkers who go above and beyond, and who are passionate about helping our client/members. – Juan, Database Administration, 30 years

It’s no secret: when someone feels appreciated, they tend to be more satisfied and positive. We have always felt that it was important for managers to recognize their teams, but our employees told us over and over again that they wanted a way to recognize their fellow employees for the great work they were doing. Our employees felt really strongly that they were successful because of teamwork and collaboration, so we introduced the YouEarnedIt program in 2016 – and we’ve found that employees are working hard to recognize the contributions of their team members. Even though it is a new program, it is already an important part of our culture.

Creative Problem Solving

I am thankful to be encouraged and to have the flexibility that Farm Bureau allows [us] to come up with new and inventive ways to solve problems and make things more efficient.  There is always the risk of failing but you have to take that chance because the beauty behind it is sometimes flourishes. – Tiffany, Document Services, 16 years.

Even though we are an insurance company, we have a wide variety of careers that allow employees to use creativity and problem-solving abilities. Employees work on a wide variety of projects, and are encouraged to innovate and look for new ways to solve every day issues. Our Six Sigma program encourages people to think outside the box and look for process efficiencies.

Passionate Team Members

I’m thankful for the opportunity to work for a wonderful company. I am thankful that I enjoy coming to work each day, and attribute this to the impressive culture and amazing people I work with. – Ally, Customer Service, 9 months

I am thankful for not only the long lasting relationships but also the friendships I have built with my co-workers and customers both internally and externally over the years. – Kathy, Commercial Underwriter, 25 years

Whether they have been with Farm Bureau for nine months or nine years (or longer) employees often appreciate the overall culture. It’s exciting to work for a company where so many people are passionate about what they do, and who they work with. The employees all work towards a common purpose, helping people protect livelihoods and futures of our client/members, and they express that passion on a daily basis.

Each of our employees expressed that they have so much to be thankful for – including the time they spend at work each day. Throughout the conversations, one common theme emerged: every employee that we spoke with was thankful they had an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our clients/members. The employees at Farm Bureau Financial Services take their mission very seriously, and are grateful to have the opportunity to protect the livelihoods and futures of our clients/members.

If you’re interested in careers at Farm Bureau, check out the opportunities available on our Career Center, or join our Talent Network today!