Spring will soon be upon us and, after a dreary winter, you’re likely ready for some sunshine and fun. What if you’re a single individual looking to travel on your own? Don’t be afraid to get out and explore interesting and exciting places in the United States. 

Traveling alone opens people up for many opportunities such as disconnecting, learning and making new friends. If you’re looking to travel on your own, throw your fear away and follow along to see why traveling solo may be your next adventure! 

The Ins and Outs of Traveling Solo

Nowadays, traveling alone is a bucket list item for many individuals, both young and old. Why the sudden interest in traveling the U.S. and beyond on your own? We take a look. 

Why is Solo Travel Popular

No longer do people view traveling alone with the “lonely hearts” stigma. Instead, it’s individuals leaving their friends, kids, husbands or wives at home so they can check items off of their bucket lists. Plus, traveling alone allows a person to control their own itinerary. 

Traveling Alone Is a Time to Disconnect

Furthermore, these solo travelers can enjoy their “me” time. In our ever-connected digital lives, challenging yourself to disconnect when traveling gives people the alone time for which they’ve likely been looking. While traveling alone doesn’t mean that you have to remove yourself from the grid, it does allow a person to enjoy their own company. 

It’s a Time to Learn

Hitting the road solo offers the great opportunity to learn more about yourself as an individual. You will learn things about yourself that you may not have discovered in your day-to-day routine. It’s even possible that during your solo travels, you’re able to look at things with fresh eyes, solving issues that may be affecting you. 

You Could Make New Friends

Often, the biggest fear associated with traveling alone is that a person will be lonely. The truth is that you don’t have to be lonely if you don’t want to. When dining out at restaurants, dine at the bar where you can interact with other diners or skip the restaurants altogether to check out street vendors, lively cafes or bars. 

Safe Travel Destinations in the United States

Are you looking to take your solo trip somewhere in the United States? Some of our nation’s most interesting spots are also in safe locations. 

Safest Places Yellowstone


Wyoming is a beautiful state filled with many places to visit. One of the most popular places to visit in Wyoming happens to be one of the United States’ most famous national parks: Yellowstone National Park. With abundant wildlife, an awe-inspiring landscape, waterfalls and trails that go on for miles, a solo traveler could spend days in Yellowstone. 

Towering more than 1,200 feet above the plains is Devil’s Tower National Monument. This geological gem allows visitors to hike an eight-mile trail which navigates the rock and surrounding forest. In the nearby Belle Fourche, avid fisherman can angle for black bullhead, catfish and walleye.

Safeest Places Bryce Canyon


At an elevation of 8,000 to 9,000 feet, Bryce Canyon is fascinating. A mixture of orange-hued rocks mixed amongst green trees provides a stunning landscape. There are many trails that allow visitors to traverse through the landscape and walk through the stone pillars. The trails can range from one to eight miles long. 

Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument is a mixture of waterfalls, canyons, hills and forests. The landscape is a little more rugged, meaning that this park receives less visitors than other national parks located in Utah. For some, this is part of the attraction of the park. 

Looking for a little less outdoor activity? Check out Salt Lake City. One of the city’s most visited attractions is the Mormon Temple, located on Temple Square. If you’re a sports fan, check out Smith’s Ballpark, home to the Salt Lake Bees. 

Hit the Beaches

Looking for somewhere to hit the beach and relax? Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is a great place where a single traveler can not only enjoy the beach, but there are also world-class golf courses or the Pinckney Island National Wildlife refuge. 

Some of the United States’ best beaches are located in the Hawaiian Islands. In Oahu, Hawaii, the Duke Kahanamoku beach is perfect for swimming as an offshore reef protects the beach from big waves. In Maui, there is Hamoa Beach, which is actually inside a breached volcanic crater. In order to get to Hamoa Beach, a traveler must take the “Road to Hana,” a road with drop-offs over 1,000 feet. If you’re looking for adventure, this may be the beach for you! 

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