Why Do I Need a Family Business Succession Plan?

You’ve put your heart and soul into your family business, which took decades to build. When it’s time to transition it to the next generation, you’ll want to apply that same careful planning to develop a sound family business succession plan.

The fact is that less than one-third of family-owned businesses survive the transfer from the first generation to the second. Even in the closest families, it’s wise to have an airtight strategy in place. This can help ensure that everyone is treated fairly and that your operation continues for generations to come.

Why Is Family Business Succession Planning Important?

An effective family business succession plan offers you the opportunity to maximize the value of your business assets, minimize taxes and sustain the ongoing potential for family business ownership. If you don’t have a plan in place, you can’t be sure what will happen to your business in the future.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Family Business Succession Plan?

Understanding the importance of succession planning ensures that your business remains in the family. It can also preserve goodwill among your children and other relatives, as who receives what will be clearly outlined. Also, a succession strategy can increase the likelihood of a more profitable business and more dependable retirement income for current and future business owners.

Additionally, if you have a buyout scenario in mind, your business heir can explore funding options during the planning process, including a bank loan, installment contract, sinking fund or life insurance. And the transition plan can be structured to give your business heir an opportunity to purchase shares of the business from siblings who may not be involved in the business. 

How Does a Family Business Succession Plan Work?

Every transition scenario is unique. Creating a family business succession plan is no different. Your advisers can help you create yours. They will evaluate your business by assessing its assets and liabilities, help you write a description of the goals and objectives for the future of the business, structure a buy-sell agreement or other transition document, craft contingency plans and much more.

Get Help with Your Family Business Succession Plan

Plan your business succession strategy with help from an experienced professional. Contact your local Farm Bureau agent today. And if you currently own a farm, learn more about farm succession planning today. 


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