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Why You Need an Insurance Review

When was the last time you looked through your home or car insurance policy? How about your life insurance policy, if you have one?

Insurance is often treated as something to be simply checked off and forgotten, but your policies have more value than that. They’re protecting you every day through hundreds of miles on the road, fierce spring storms and all of life’s ups and downs. They need to be as responsive to change as you are. That’s why you need an annual insurance review.

Need more? Here are some common scenarios that could require an adjustment to your policy. Talk to your local agent to schedule your annual insurance review today.

  • You’ve acquired something valuable that should be listed as scheduled property on your homeowners policy. Jewelry, antiques, musical instruments, and fine art are all examples of special personal property that can be covered.
  • Changes in the landscape have increased your likelihood of having water backup or flooding.
  • Your appliances – furnace, air conditioner, water heater – are aging and at increased risk for mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • You’re driving significantly more or less than you were in previous years.
  • Your car is aging and may have depreciated to a point where a higher deductible may be worth considering.
  • You’re driving a particular vehicle significantly more or less than you were in previous years.
  • Your family responsibilities have changed – new baby, aging relatives moving in, etc.
  • Your annual household income has changed significantly due to job changes, divorce, marriage, etc.
  • You’ve had changes in your health, activity or stress levels