Umbrella liability insurance earns its name because the coverage arches over your car and homeowner’s policies to provide an additional layer of protection. Also known as excess liability coverage, umbrella insurance coverage starts where vehicle and homeowner’s insurance liability limits stop.

So why do you need this excess protection?

For example, if you’re in a car accident and your liability damages exceed your auto liability limits, personal umbrella/excess liability insurance can cover the extra expense. Or, if a neighbor falls on your property and you are legally responsible, umbrella coverage can pay the additional expenses beyond the liability limits of your homeowner’s insurance.

In many cases, umbrella insurance is written for amounts of $1 million or more, but owners generally find the coverage is quite reasonably priced for the amount of added peace of mind that it provides.1

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1There are specific amounts of liability coverage that must be carried on the primary or underlying automotive and homeowner’s policies in order to maintain the umbrella policy.