Why You Need to Think About Seasonal Employees Now

Like most things in life, it’s best to start early! Discover how to have successful seasonal hires and what you need to know about insurance for these temporary workers.

Do I Need Seasonal Employees?

Seasonal employees are hired to work on a part-time basis, and they can only be employed for a maximum of 6 months out of the year. If your business tends to have higher demands during certain months of the year you might want to consider hiring seasonal employees. When you need seasonal employees obviously depends on your line of business. By paying attention to the natural increase in demand, you’ll be able to plan ahead for when you’ll most need the extra help.

Benefits of Seasonal Employees

Believe it or not, hiring seasonal employees could actually save you money in the long run. Although the statistics vary from company to company, in general, hiring an employee in the short run is often cheaper than hiring a long-term employee.

This can be due to a number of things, like paying your employee based on hourly rates rather than a salary.

Better yet, temporary employees bring adaptability to your business because their labor can be adjusted in any state of the economy.

The ability to hire more employees or scale back your workforce with changing demands from your customers not only gives you as an employer a lot of flexibility, but it can be positive for your full time employees as well by giving them help when they need it the most!

Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

There are a lot of ways to go about the hiring process, but here is what we recommend:

Start Early.This could even mean posting your job descriptions months in advance. Before the season gets really hectic, it will be nice to already have applications to review and ideas of who to hire.

Get Recommendations.Talk to your employees for recommendations. Especially if your employees are loyal, they will refer workers that have a lot of their same qualities. Nobody wants to work with someone they can’t get along with, right?

Look to Your Customers for Ideas.You might be scared to start the process of hiring someone new, so maybe check out your own clientele. Start with some of your most loyal customers; talk to them and see if they, or someone they know, are looking to find work.

Insuring Seasonal Employees

Seasonal employees can be a huge asset to your business during busier times of the year. However, the insurance needs of seasonal employees could differ from what you’re required to offer your full-time employees.

Although it varies by state, there are certain benefits required by law that you, as an employer, must provide to your seasonal employees, which includes: Unemployment Benefits, Social Security/Medicare, and Workers’ Compensation. Make sure you check out your states’ requirements as you begin the hiring process.

Coverage for All Seasons

Your business needs change, which is why you need coverage that keeps up! Check out if your business insurance is keeping up, or talk with your local Farm Bureau agent; he or she can help you navigate your insurance needs, no matter what the season.