Attention U-Pick Farms: 5 Ways to Make This Your Best Season Yet

Who doesn’t love visiting a local u-pick farm? These bucolic destinations are perfect for families looking for afternoon fun or couples seeking a romantic outing. But for u-pick farm owners, this time of year means hard work. Fortunately, the right approach can make this season a success.

1. Make Guests Feel Welcome

Hiring friendly staff to operate your u-pick farm makes all the difference. Since u-pick operations don’t rely on as many laborers as other farms, you can take the time to carefully select a team of employees who are adept at engaging with the public. Your staff is the face of your farm, after all.

2. Create a Seamless Experience

No one wants to lose customers simply because parking is inconvenient or signage is confusing. Offer amenities and convenience for your guests. If you aren’t able to create parking areas within walking distance of your u-pick farm, provide a shuttle from a nearby lot. Keep paths wide and uncluttered so guests have easy access to your produce, and place plenty of signage. Maintain clean restrooms and make sure you’re staffed up on busy weekends and holidays.

3. Get the Word Out

Schedule additional activities throughout the year to help increase visitor traffic to your u-pick farm. By offering ag-entertainment outside of your regular u-pick season, customers will have more reasons to come back. And invest in marketing. Increase your engagement on social media, and partner with other u-pick farms or nearby small businesses to increase awareness in the community.

4. Tell Visitors About Your Farm

Customers visit u-pick farms to escape their daily routine. They want to experience new things and connect with nature. Help make each visitor’s experience memorable by sharing farm history, insights into the agricultural process and information about other products you offer. The more details and background you can share, the better.

5. Make Sure You’re Covered

Maintaining proper insurance for your u-pick farm helps you run your business with confidence. This also lets your guests know that your farm and food products are safe.

Some of the most common insurance policies for pick-your-own operations include crop coverage, peak season coverage and workers compensation. Agritourism insurance can also be added to certain policies to better protect your company in case of incident.

Is Your U-Pick Farm Covered?

If you need help reviewing your insurance options, know that your Farm Bureau agent is always here to help.