Your Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist

Aug 10, 2021 2 min read

Summer is winding down and the challenges of heading back into the school year are just around the corner. Are you and your family prepared?

We all know transitioning back into the school year can bring challenges, especially when every person in your family is running on a different schedule. You can ease the stress using this back-to-school checklist!

Start Planning Early

  • Check your child’s school requirements for physical examinations and immunizations.
  • Schedule appointments with the pediatrician to ensure they can participate in school activities, and don’t forget to bring in required papers.
  • If you want, arrange carpools with a friend or neighbor. Even if you don’t carpool, it’s always good to have those contacts in case one day you need it.
  • Make arrangements for before or after school child care.

Start Shopping

With a long list of needs and wants, it can be easy to overbuy. Starting early can help reduce impulse buys when you’re in a hurry.

  • First, check the school supply list provided by the school.
  • Then, look around your house and see if you have any usable school supplies from previous years.
  • Before going clothes shopping, go through your kids’ closets and toss out or donate items they don’t wear anymore.
  • Make a list with your kids: Items they need and items they want. Inform them that everything on the need list will be bought first, and only if your budget allows will you buy items on the want list.
  • Try spreading out the shopping trips. Tackling everything in one day can leave you exhausted and overwhelmed.
  • If you can, do research online first and see what stores have the best deals. This can save you time and money once you head out.

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Get Organized

It’s possible you and your family are all on different schedules. Whether your child has soccer practice, science club, band lessons, or theater, having a family calendar is a great way to stay organized.

  • Start by color coding each person’s activities
  • Include start/end time so you can arrange for drop-off or pick-up
  • In your family calendar, mark down all the dates your child won’t have school. Have a plan of action for what you and your family are doing on those days.
  • Once your calendar is organized, start organizing all your child’s back-to-school papers. Make sure they have a copy of their class schedule, any documents they might need for their first day, such as their ID, or copies of needed medical information.

Get a Head Start

It may take some time to plan and organize your family’s schedule for the school year, but starting your back-to-school checklist now will bring less stress in the weeks ahead. Need advice that goes beyond the classroom? Contact your local Farm Bureau agent. He or she can help provide you with the tools you need, whatever your stage in life might be.

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