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Keys to your financial plan

What’s included in your Financial Plan?

Getting a well-rounded view of your current financial picture is top priority when you begin working with a financial advisor. When you work with us, our advisors will start by listening to you. We want to help you start right where you are and move forward with a plan designed with you and your short- and long-term goals at the center of it.

The Your Future Advantage process is a holistic approach to review all the financial components and how they are related. After it’s created and implemented, together, we’ll review and monitor it on an ongoing bassis, making necessary changes as you move through different life stages.

Key Elements of a Financial Plan

Following are the six key elements we’ll focus on when developing your financial picture.

  • Cash Flow Management – A good first step in planning is understanding and making the most of your current income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.
  • Insurance/Protection Planning – We’ll evaluate and understand the coverages you have in place and implement an approach to reduce the potential effects of the unexpected.
  • Tax Planning– A proactive tax strategy for you to discuss with your tax professional that monitors changing tax laws is key to long-term planning success.
  • Investment Planning - We’ll develop an allocation strategy for your investment dollars with your goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon in mind.
  • Retirement Planning – Answering the important questions about your plans after you quit working can help you ensure you don’t outlive your income.
  • Estate Planning – Helping you consider your options and plan so that your wishes for your assets are carried out as you intend.

A Clear View of Your Financial Future

Once you have all the pieces of your financial picture defined, your advisor will put together a customized financial plan that is tailored to your specific needs and risk tolerance. Together, you and your advisor will continue to measure and track your progress. And as life changes, you can make adjustments when needed.

Meet your short- and long-term goals by creating a financial plan that is personalized and fits your life. Find a Farm Bureau advisor to learn more about how we can help you plan for a bright financial future.

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