Storms hit hard. We work harder.

Unprecedented events call for unprecedented service and nothing compares to the comfort a local agent with a strong support team can provide. Farm Bureau Financial Services agents and staff are proud to have been protecting the livelihoods and futures of Farm Bureau members for more than 80 years.

A SuperCheck Offers Peace of Mind

When you get a SuperCheck® from your Farm Bureau agent, you won’t be left wondering about your coverage when the wind begins to blow. A SuperCheck is an opportunity to sit down with your agent to review your coverage, identifying potential gaps as well as opportunities to take advantage of discounts. Whether it was a home remodel, a new car, a marriage or something else in the last year—you need insurance that fits your life today, and we have the tools to help you get it.

Our unique members-only Farm Bureau Member’s Choice package policy combines your home, car, farm and liability coverage into one policy with one premium and just one deductible for all covered possessions damaged in a single occurrence. Your policy is tailored to fit your specific needs, and your agent will meet with you regularly to help ensure your coverage remains up to date.

The Catastrophe Response Team delivers

When a storm hits, the Farm Bureau claims team mobilizes immediately, sending adjusters and staff to the hardest hit areas within 24 hours. In the days and weeks that follow a large-scale event, we sometimes have more than 300 agents, claims staff and independent adjusters working diligently to assess damage, personally deliver claims checks and help client/members get back on their feet.

One specialized team stands out from the rest – the Catastrophe Response, or CAT, team. Made up of 15 members who are specially trained to handle large storm claims events, this team’s goal is to be the first-in, first-out when it comes to processing insurance claims. When a storm hits, activated team members arrive on-site to inspect property damage and write repair estimates at their designated storm site. The team typically works no more than 21 days in a row before having a 7-day break, but the magnitude of the derecho required a different level of service.

“After the 2020 Iowa derecho we had a member of the CAT Team in our office basically full-time for five weeks, I think. He was able to cut checks right there for Randy and me to deliver, and as people called in with questions, they were able to come in to visit with him as well,” said Agent Chris Oberbroeckling.

“I actually kept track of the checks that I delivered, and it totaled $2.76 million. We probably put close to 1,200 miles on my truck in the course of three weeks, just driving out to farms and homes to deliver the checks that were going to get people back on their feet,” added Agent Randy Strnad.

A Quick Response When You Need it Most

When you’ve experienced a severe weather event, you’re looking to get back to normal as soon as possible. Especially when a single storm damages your home and your car. From getting a quote to getting your check in hand, your Farm Bureau agent will be there to lead the way through a quick claims process in a timely manner. 

Check your coverage before the storm

When you meet with a Farm Bureau agent to review your coverage, you won’t find they simply check boxes. They’re asking questions to get to know you and what’s most important to you. Only when they do that are they able to best help you customize your insurance to fit your needs. Because when storms hit hard, we work harder.

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